Apple’s Logic Pro X to get Garageband’s Live Loops feature soon

Apple’s Garageband feature is available on both MacOS and iOS based platforms.

Apple has since removed the image from its education page.
Apple has since removed the image from its education page. (Apple)

Apple's ecosystem has two digital audio workstations that allow users to produce music. While Logic Pro X costs $200 and is available only on desktops, Garageband is free and can be accessed on iPhones as well. Another difference between the two is that while the former is meant for professionals, the latter can be used by, well, anyone. Both the platforms come with inter-connectivity features, but those features do come with a set of caveats. Now, a new report states that Logic Pro X is borrowing features from Garageband.

A Reddit user recently shared an image of the Logic Pro X with the Live Loops feature from Garageband. To give you some context, Garageband's Live Loops feature is a grid-based music creation tool wherein users can layer multiple audio loops.

The image of the Logic Pro X that was earlier available on Apple's Education Products site has been removed since. However, internet archiving site, Wayback Machine, archived the page before Apple removed it.

Apple hasn't announced any new feature coming to its Logic Pro X. Amid the given circumstances, inclusion of the new screenshot on the company's education page indicates that its Apple is planning to introduce new features to the software soon.