Windows 11 to make life VERY easy for mobile users! Just like Apple Macbook users

    Windows 11 will bring the feature to draw mobile data from hotspot, just like MacBook users.
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    | Updated on: Oct 28 2022, 15:09 IST
    Windows 11 user? Secure your device with Dynamic Lock now- know how
    Windows 11
    1/5 Your laptop or desktop can hold lots of important details that should not be accessed by any stranger. If any of your crucial details lands in the wrong hands, you can get into trouble and can even have financial loss. In order to avoid such situations you are advised to always lock your laptop or desktop before leaving it idle. If you are a Windows 11 user, you can secure your device with the help of Dynamic Lock. Wondering what is Dynamic Lock? (HT Tech)
    Windows 11
    2/5 What is Dynamic Lock? It is a Windows 11 feature that automatically locks your computer when a connected Bluetooth device (your phone or wearable device) is out of range. When you walk away from your PC, and your dynamic lock device is out of range, your PC will automatically lock after 30 seconds. It can be noted that this feature only locks the computer if the Bluetooth signal falls and the system is idle. (HT_PRINT)
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    3/5 Drawback of Dynamic Lock: According to the information provided by Microsoft, if the system is not idle (for example, an intruder gets access before the Bluetooth signal falls below the limit), the device won't lock. Therefore, the dynamic lock feature does not replace the need for the user to lock the computer. It only reduces the probability of someone gaining access if the user forgets to lock it. (HT Tech)
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    4/5 How to use Dynamic Lock to ensure your device and information is always secure: You will have to use Bluetooth to pair your phone with your PC. Then on your Windows 11 PC, select Start > Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options. Now, select Dynamic Lock, then select the Allow Windows to automatically lock your device when you're away. (Microsoft )
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    5/5 And it's done, take your phone with you when you move away from your PC, and it will automatically lock 30 seconds after you're out of Bluetooth range. (Note that Bluetooth range varies by device). (Microsoft)
    Windows 11
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    Windows 11 will let you connect to mobile hotspots from your Samsung devices. (Amritanshu Mukherjee / HT Tech)

    Windows 11 does not have enough integration with Android or iOS devices, and that is the reason why many who want the ecosystem benefits prefer the macOS machines. Microsoft, however, has been wanting to create a deeper integration with both mobile platforms, especially with Android. The Phone Link app lets you take calls on your PC, and even share files between the systems. There is now a new feature coming that will help with internet connectivity.

    A new developer build of Windows 11 has been released that comes with the updated Phone Link app. The new version will allow you to connect your smartphone's mobile hotspot directly from the Windows Wi-Fi shortcut from the control panel. Hence, you will be able to see the mobile hotspot network listed in the Wi-Fi options menu. This will eliminate the need to manually turn on the hotspot on your phone everytime you need to access the internet.

    Windows 11 to automatically connect to mobile hotspot

    The feature has been available to mac users who have an iPhone as their daily smartphone Just like the Apple ecosystem, this Windows 11 feature is currently limited to only Samsung devices. Hence, you will need to have a Samsung Galaxy device in order to use this feature. Sadly, no other device from other manufacturers is supporting this feature yet, not even the company's own Surface Duo.

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    The same feature is also available in Google Chromebook devices if you use an Android device. 

    Just a few weeks ago, Microsoft announced deeper integration with Apple's iCloud system. The Photos app will now be able to show photos and videos from the iCloud servers. Additionally, Apple will also bring the Apple Music and Apple TV+ app to the Microsoft Store. Sadly, the iPhone does not get any integration with the Windows 11 system, unlike Android.

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    First Published Date: 28 Oct, 14:28 IST
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