Worried about your iPhone, Android during monsoon? Here’s what to do

Follow these tips to protect your smartphone, laptop or other gadgets from rain.

| Updated on: Jul 19 2022, 13:58 IST
Tips to protect your iPhone, Android from rain.
Tips to protect your iPhone, Android from rain. (Pixabay)
Tips to protect your iPhone, Android from rain.
Tips to protect your iPhone, Android from rain. (Pixabay)

The monsoon season has arrived and it is great to get relief from scorching heat. However, it might not be great for our gadgets as water may get into them. So, even though your iPhone or Android and other electronic devices may be water resistant, care has still to be maintained. If this is worrying you, here are some quick tips and tricks to keep your devices safe from monsoon rain.

How to save phone, laptop, tablets or earphones from getting wet in rain

1. Keep gadgets in waterproof zip-lock pouches

Electronic devices are vulnerable to damage in rain, even if they come with waterproof or splash-proof ratings. If you're heading outside always make sure to carry a waterproof Ziplock pouches for your gadgets to prevent them from getting wet in rain.

2. Carry silica gel packets in your bag

Apart from keeping your gadgets in a waterproof bag to avoid direct exposure to rain, always carry silica gel packets in your laptop bag. It is a great absorber of moisture and keeps your bag moisture free. Also, keep changing the silica gel packets after they change color completely.

What to do if it gets water on it?

1. Switch off the smartphone quickly and remove the cover or screen protector to remove all the excess water that may be around the device.

2. Wipe the phone with a clean and dry cloth properly. Make sure to wipe all the parts of the phone by removing the cover and tempered glass. Doing this may help save your smartphone.

3. Remove the SIM card slot after completely wiping and drying the phone. This will protect the SIM or memory card from getting damaged.

What not to do if your phone gets wet?

1. Don't plug in or charge your phone when it's wet, not even to check if it is working. This may cause a short circuit and it also has electric shock risk.

2. Don't use a hair dryer to dry your phone as this can damage your phone's internals. For instance, the hot air falling directly on the display can damage the internal wiring, and can even melt it and end up completely damaging the phone.

3. Never shake your phone to take out water as it may lead to the water inside traveling to other parts and damage them.

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First Published Date: 19 Jul, 13:58 IST