GTA 6 release date: Fans say latest Rockstar teaser reveals secret, sparks wild speculations

GTA 6 release date: GTA 6 speculation has really heated up as fans look to decode a Rockstar teaser in a social media post. What's the secret message?

| Updated on: Sep 30 2023, 18:55 IST
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GTA 6 release date: Rumours heat up as fans try to decode Rockstar's social media teaser. (@RockstarGames)

GTA 6 release date: Excitement is brewing among Grand Theft Auto (GTA) fans who think they've uncovered a secret message from Rockstar Games in their latest social media post. Rockstar Games shared a picture on social media celebrating the Moon Festival in GTA Online and giving players a free in-game gift. While it might seem like it's all about the festival, some sharp-eyed GTA fans noticed something interesting in the background- the famous Vinewood sign. Speculation is that is reveals GTA 6 release date!

The "VI" Speculation

The letters "V" and "I" in Vinewood stood out more than the others. Fans started guessing that this might be a clever hint about GTA 6, since "VI" stands for 6 in Roman numerals.

Previous Hints and Debates

This is not the first time fans have tried to find hidden messages in Rockstar's posts. When they posted something for GTA 5's 10th anniversary, many fans thought they saw a hint about GTA 6. The image showed a plane flying toward a sign that looked like "VI." Some thought it was a teaser for the new game, while others weren't so sure.

But this time, most GTA fans are pretty convinced that the recent social media post is a deliberate hint or GTA 6 teaser for the launch. "I think it's on purpose this time," one fan said. Another fan added, "This really seems like they're teasing it on purpose."

Still, there are sceptics. Some people pointed out that the image was cropped on Instagram and Facebook in a way that hides the "VI." They wonder why Rockstar would only put the hint on Twitter and not the other platforms.

Whether it's a hint or just a coincidence, one thing's for sure: GTA fans are eager for any news about the launch date of the upcoming GTA 6 game. Fans have been digging through leaked videos to get an idea of what the new game might be like.

GTA 6 is expected to have both a female and male main character, plus exciting new features like more buildings you can explore, changes to the Wanted system, and more. And there's one interesting detail in the leaks – it seems GTA 6 won't just be in Vice City; it might introduce another state outside of Florida.

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First Published Date: 30 Sep, 18:55 IST