Are you using this version of WhatsApp? It is dangerous, DELETE app now; check full list

Did you download this version of WhatsApp? It can wreak havoc on your smartphone and that is why you should rush to check the full list below and delete this app.

| Updated on: Aug 21 2022, 20:03 IST
This WhatsApp mod will download Trojans on your smartphone.
This WhatsApp mod will download Trojans on your smartphone.
This WhatsApp mod will download Trojans on your smartphone.
This WhatsApp mod will download Trojans on your smartphone.

Security firm Kaspersky has raised an alert about an extremely popular WhatsApp modified version that is actually very dangerous and users must quickly check and delete the app from their mobile phones. The reason behind the urgency is the fact that a version of this app has an embedded Trojan called Triada, which downloads malicious malware on users' mobile phones. The name of this WhatsApp modified version is FMWhatsApp. Users should know that it is extremely dangerous to use any modified version of WhatsApp.

Before going into that, why do people actually download WhatsApp mods? Reason is that these alternatives offer various features that are not found on the official WhatsApp app. Just to have some fun or get some bragging rights in their social groups, many people download these WhatsApp mods. Kaspersky lists these 5 features that are missing on official WhatsApp which attract people to download mods: a) self-destructing messages, b) view deleted messages by another user, c) dynamic themes, d) hide certain chats from the general list or e) automatically translate messages.

However, even as they offer these added features, the creators of modified WhatsApp versions add something extra to earn more money. "Problems arise, however, from their use of third-party ad modules through which malicious code can sneak in under developers' radar," Kaspersky says.

The firm says FMWhatsApp developers use a third-party ad module that includes a malware - Trojan.AndroidOS.Triada.ef. The Triada Trojan is the dangerous version of the FMWhatsApp mod and it collects data about the user's device, and then, downloads other malware. In fact, the infected version of FMWhatsApp downloads several types of malware.

The full list of malware on FMWhatsApp includes:

1. Trojan-Downloader.AndroidOS.Agent.ic, a Trojan that downloads and runs other malicious modules;

2. Trojan-Downloader.AndroidOS.Gapac.e, which downloads and runs other malicious modules and can also display full-screen ads at unexpected moments;

3. Trojan-Downloader.AndroidOS.Helper.a, which downloads and runs the installer module of the xHelper Trojan and runs invisible ads in the background;

4. Trojan.AndroidOS.MobOk.i, a Trojan that signs up for paid subscriptions;

5. Trojan.AndroidOS.Subscriber.l, another Trojan that signs up for paid subscriptions;

6. Trojan.AndroidOS.Whatreg.b, signs in to the WhatsApp account on the victim's phone, intercepting the login confirmation text. The device can then become a site for various types of illegal activity like illegal trading.

How to save yourself from FMWhatsApp: Tips to follow

*) Avoid installing apps from unofficial sources and use your device's settings to deny permission to install them;

*) Use only official messaging apps, and download them only from official app stores — they may lack some features, but will not flood your phone with viruses;

*) Check what permissions you've granted to installed apps — some might pose a real threat;

*) Install a reliable mobile antivirus app on your phone, and heed its warnings.

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First Published Date: 28 Aug, 09:04 IST