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Google Gemini AI: How users reacted to Google’s new model competing against ChatGPT

Google has launched its next-generation foundation model called Gemini. It has already been integrated into the company’s chatbot, Google Bard, and people have got the chance to run it through its paces.

| Updated on: Dec 08 2023, 13:44 IST
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Google Gemini
1/6 Microsoft’s take on bringing AI services to their customer has drastically shifted over the years. First, the company introduced the generative AI tool called Bing Chat. Now, Microsoft has announced an umbrella of AI features under Microsoft Copilot. The company also announced the new upcoming features to the platform for 2024. (Microsoft)
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2/6 GPT-4 Turbo: Microsoft has revealed that the copilot will be integrated with OpenAI's latest model, GPT-4 Turbo. This will immensely benefit users to generate advanced responses along with managing complex and longer tasks. After the testing of the feature is complete, it will be rolled out to users in the coming weeks.  (Microsoft)
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3/6 Advanced DALL-E 3 Model: With  DALL-E 3, the copilot will be able to generate even higher-quality images. It is said to generate accurate images based on the prompts given to the system. The feature has already been available to users on Microsoft Paint. (Microsoft)
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4/6 Multi-Modal with Search Grounding: Microsoft is integrating the capabilities of GPT-4 to vision alongside Bing image search and web search data for better image interpretation and understanding. This will enable users to get better image queries. The feature will soon be made available to the users.  (Microsoft)
Google Gemini
5/6 Deep Search: With GPT-4, Deep search will enable users to get optimized search results for complex topics. The feature broadens search queries and provides more comprehensive descriptions with relevant results. (Microsoft)
Google Gemini
6/6 Additionally, there are two new features such as Inline Compose with rewrite menu which enable users to rewrite website data. The other feature is a Code Interpreter which is designed to perform complex tasks such as writing codes, data analysis, visualization, math and more.  (Microsoft)
Google Gemini
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Google Gemini has been launched. Know how people reacted to it. (Google)

Google on Tuesday took the wraps off its highly anticipated next-generation foundation model called Gemini. Google claims that it has tested the benchmarks of the Gemini model against those of GPT-4, and the company claims that its AI modal has defeated OpenAI's LLM in 30 out of 32 benchmarks, including reasoning, math, reading comprehension, and Python code generation. The company has already integrated one of the models, Gemini Pro, into Google Bard, further improving its capabilities. Two days have passed since it launched and now that people have had a chance to try Google's latest AI innovation, it has drawn both positive and negative reactions from experts and users on social media platforms.

Google Gemini: What is it?

Google Gemini has been developed by Google DeepMind in collaboration with other teams including Google Research. It is a general-purpose AI that can help build different types of AI services that can work in a wide range of fields with the aim of automating tasks. It has been launched in three sizes - Nano, Pro, and Ultra.

While the Gemini Nano model can run natively on Android devices such as Google Pixel, the Gemini Pro has been integrated into Google Bard, the company's own AI chatbot. On the other hand, the Gemini Ultra is the top-of-the-line version. Google claims it is even more powerful than ChatGPT and is the most powerful Large Language Model (LLM) ever created.

Google Gemini: Reactions from tech community

Taking to X, Mihir Patel, a Research Engineer at MosaicML posted screenshots of a comparison between Gemini-powered Google Bard and GPT-powered ChatGPT. Patel asked the query “What is mamba in deep learning?” 

After checking the answer, Patel said, “Gemini is so good. SO much better and SO much faster than GPT-4. I'm sold -- switching over.”

However, not all users are impressed by Google's new foundation model. Coders in particular have been expressed their disappointment about the capabilities of the Gemini Pro-powered Bard on X.

Another X user Filip Piekniewski posted, “Tried gemini based Bard, and well, it still can't write intersection of two polygons. It's one of those rare relatively simple to express functions that wasn't ever implemented in python, there is no stack overflow post, and all these models fail on it.”

While another user named Mohsen Azimi said, “Trying out Gemini Pro: it is pretty disappointing for my example. I asked it to make an analog clock using HTML like this one that ChatGPT made. It can cite some code from Github but it's off by a few ms…”

Author Edison Ade who writes on AI, and startup growth said, “GPT 4 still greater than Gemini Pro. Created Tic Tac Toe game with ChatGPT and Bard(Running on Gemini Pro).”

Posting a video of the created game, he wrote, “ChatGPT wrote the code on first try(First Video).  Bard on 3 tries(Second Video).”

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First Published Date: 08 Dec, 13:31 IST