Wordle 301 answer for April 16: It’s a tricky puzzle to solve! Check Wordle hints, clues, solution

Wordle 301 answer for April 16: Today's Wordle is a tough nut to crack. So, use these Wordle hints and clues to reach your word without hassle.

| Updated on: Aug 22 2022, 11:42 IST
Wordle 301 answer for April 16: Fight the trickery of Wordle with these Wordle hints and clues. (Pixabay)
Wordle 301 answer for April 16: Fight the trickery of Wordle with these Wordle hints and clues. (Pixabay)

Wordle 301 answer for April 16: Only Wordle can put up a super confusing word just a day after reaching its 300th day to make thousands of people lose their streak nonchalantly. We guess, Wordle is just being cheeky. Yesterday, too Twitter in particular was a pretty morbid place to be, with half the people celebrating their growing streak and 300 days of Wordle, while the other half cursing their luck for losing the streak on such a significant day. Whichever of the sides you were on, we can assure you one thing, you can be on the winner's side with our Wordle hints and clues. And if unfortunately you still manage to lose, just scroll down and check the solution at the bottom.

But before we help you solve today's Wordle, we will be giving you some general tips to improve your game. Consider us your human Wordlebot. These tips do not pertain to today's Wordle in particular but it will improve your overall skill set. But if that is not enough, right beneath it you will find the regular Wordle hints for today. Although we have posted the Wordle 301 solution at the bottom, we recommend fair play and would insist that you give the game a fair shot instead of checking the solution directly. For those of you, who have failed to get the answer, scroll down and check it to see if you were close to finding the answer, or not at all.

Wordle 301 general tips and tricks

Make sure to use vowel-heavy words for the first guess.

Try to think of all the different consonants and try to eliminate a majority of them as soon as possible. Don't forget about the less common one's like W, C.B, L,G and H.

Remember about double letters. Always consider the possibility that one of the letters can be a double letter.

Think about the letter combinations. ER, NT, ST, ND, EE usually go together.

Do not use a letter again if it has been eliminated. Take time, but think of unique words using the available letters.

These tips should not only give you a strong head start in today's Wordle but also in all the upcoming games. But, if you still feel unsure, check out our Wordle 301 hints below.

Wordle 301 hints for April 16

Today's word has two vowels.

The word begins with C.

The word ends with K.

Both the vowels are the same letter.

Biggest hint: That baby has such chubby _____.

That last hint was essentially the answer. There is no chance you can lose today's Wordle now. So go out there and give it your best shot. And for those of you who did not check the clues before attempting the puzzle and lost the game, you can check the solution at the bottom.

Wordle 301 answer for April 16

SPOILER ALERT! Do not read any further if you are not looking for the Wordle 301 answer. However, if you are ready to check it, then take a look below.

Final warning. The answer to Wordle 301 is right after this sentence.

The word of the day is CHEEK. It means “either side of the face below the eye”. That's all for today's Wordle. Hope you were able to keep your streak alive. Check this space again tomorrow for more clues and hints.

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