Windows 11 price? Will Microsoft charge you? What you need to know now

Windows 11 price is something that everyone needs to know despite it being announced as a free upgrade for Windows 10 users. However, doubt has arisen and it needs to be addressed.

| Updated on: Aug 21 2022, 18:32 IST
Windows 11 is now official with a host of very smooth and useful updates.
Windows 11 is now official with a host of very smooth and useful updates. (Microsoft)
Windows 11 is now official with a host of very smooth and useful updates.
Windows 11 is now official with a host of very smooth and useful updates. (Microsoft)

After the launch, Windows 11 price is on every person's mind who uses a Microsoft Windows operating system on their computers and laptops. What has been shown on launch is quite a glitzy product and it has many exciting and new features that will appeal to everyone, especially the centralised and eye-catching Start Menu, the rounded edges, Microsoft Teams update, Android apps, better gaming experience and more. From an individual who is out to have some fun, to a professional looking to make making money an easier process, there is something new there for everyone. Yes, indeed, Windows 11 has got the world talking about it, but nothing has got more attention than the price - even more so than the speculation about its launch date (October 20, 2021, according to some reports).

Microsoft has said it will be the foundation or the basis of desktop working for the next 10 years and that is a good enough reason, apart from the ones mentioned above, to make Windows 10 users want to download Windows 11. But then, who pays the bill?

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Windows 11 free or not?

Now, it is time to move on from speculation and find out exactly where things stand as far as footing the bill goes. While the fancy features are very much there, is Windows 11 download available for free? That important question has an answer - yes. Anyone with a Windows 10 operating system on their PC can download Windows 11 for free. This should not be a surprise as last time, when Windows 10 was launched, the free download was made available to all.

How to get best experience

For users to get the best possible experience from the operating system, Windows 11 has recommended some minimum hardware requirements. However, having said that, Microsoft will not try to stop users from trying it out with less so, experimenting is must and the experience may not be great. These Windows hardware minimum requirements are:

1. Intel / AMD processors from at least 2017

2. 64-bit CPU

3. 4GB of RAM

4. 64GB of storage

In this respect, a huge number of people have complained that the PC configuration has to be exactly right to actually get the PC to run Windows 11. Many faced a situation where they were unceremoniously told that their machines did not qualify. However, all these niggles have been blamed on initial glitches - after all, it is in beta mode.

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Earlier, Microsoft was telling everyone to check their machine-Windows 11 compatibility through PC Health Check app, but that experiment failed as many people reported getting the "This PC can't run Windows 11" message without adequate explanation. Microsoft then announced it was ''temporarily removing'' it.

However, this error message may also stem from the fact that your machine may not have two critical security settings, Secure Boot and TPM 2.0, turned on. It can be turned on by users, but there is a process to be followed.

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First Published Date: 04 Jul, 18:05 IST