AI jobs loss: ChatGPT creator Sam Altman paints it black

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman believes that there will be no jobs left because of AI and it will not just become a helping hand.

| Updated on: Jul 27 2023, 12:04 IST
Shocking! OpenAI CEO says AI will take over our jobs!
Shocking! OpenAI CEO says AI will take over our jobs! (REUTERS)
Shocking! OpenAI CEO says AI will take over our jobs!
Shocking! OpenAI CEO says AI will take over our jobs! (REUTERS)

There was a time when we used to fear that in future the smart devices and technology will take over our jobs. Well, the future is here and we may soon experience the impact of artificial intelligence on our jobs.

In a recent interview with The Atlantic, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman discussed AI and how his own innovation, ChatGPT, can represent a threat in a variety of ways. He stated that he is terrified of AI chatbots and their potential. Altman stated in the interview that ChatGPT needs to be improved, but we may be unaware of the new technology's potential risks.

AI will take away jobs- Sam Altman

Now this topic has become part of all the tech debates, where various tech experts talk about AI and its potential to take jobs, however, no one can actually confirm what the future holds and how we will be dependent on AI tools.

As for AI impact, Sam Altman says that jobs will 'definitely' disappear.

Apart from that, Altman also told the publication that AI will not only have positive effects but it may have some negative sides as well. He defies the statement of the others that AI is only here to help as a supplement but according to him, it is not going to restrict itself to that role. He made this ominous statement on its future potential.

"We could have gone off and just built this in our building here for five more years and we would have had something jaw-dropping," he said and added that the public would not have been prepared for the 'shock' that followed, and the outcome is quite 'unpleasant' to imagine.

He also added that the idea of a powerful new intelligence alongside humans in the future takes time to sink in, and ChatGPT serves as a 'notice' of this fact.

These statements will surely make people think about their dependence on technology and artificial intelligence. But with industries leveraging AI technology, they are also introducing new job opportunities and it will continue to grow as well.

But over time, be prepared for shocks to the system.

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First Published Date: 27 Jul, 11:52 IST
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