Former astronaut affirms SHOCKING space fact! The Sun is White, not yellow

Former astronaut Scott Kelly has confirmed the shocking space fact that the real color of Sun is white and not yellow as it appears to us on Earth

| Updated on: Sep 14 2022, 16:57 IST
Space fact: Former NASA astronaut states that the Sun is actually white. (Pixabay)
Space fact: Former NASA astronaut states that the Sun is actually white. (Pixabay)

Ever since humans began space exploration, we have debunked various myths about the universe we live in. People used to think that summers are caused due to the Earth moving close to the Sun, however it turned out that the axial shift was the real reason behind it. Similarly, we found out that despite being closest to the Sun, it's not Mercury but Venus which is the hottest planet in the solar system. But probably none of these facts hold a candle to the space fact revealed by a former NASA astronaut. As it turns out, the Sun is white in color and not yellow. Shocked? Read on to know more.

Former NASA astronaut reveals the Sun is white in color

On September 12, a Twitter account by the name of ‘Latest in space', which posts facts about space, posted a tweet which said, “Space Fact: The sun is actually white, but appears yellow because of Earth's atmosphere”. While this should be common knowledge given that the sunlight can form rainbows which contain all the seven colors (a characteristic of white light), it appears that it is not a widespread notion.

The post, which has garnered 11.3K likes and 1,247 retweets at the time of writing this, also met with a number of users who refused to believe it. One user even commented, “but there is continuous fire and lava on sun shouldn't it be same colour what we see here on earth”. This is indeed not true as the Sun is not burning and we have seen no evidence of lava on its surface. The explosions and heat comes from continuous nuclear fusion reactions taking place on the Sun.

Another user asks, “i have question that Sun has Hydrogen which burns. And when any fuel burns, it color is yellow. Than how Sun is actually Milky or White when hydrogen is burning ?”. This is again a common misconception as the Sun does not burn hydrogen but it undergoes nuclear fusion reaction to fuse Hydrogen into Helium.

But it turns out former NASA astronaut Scott Kelly also took notice of the commotion and decided to end the debate for once and for all. Retweeting the post, he said, “I can confirm this space fact”. Well, when an ex-NASA mission captain who has spent 520 days total in space says something, that has to end the debate.

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First Published Date: 14 Sep, 16:57 IST