How India celebrated Chandrayaan-3 success online - check the numbers and the personalities | Tech News

How India celebrated Chandrayaan-3 success online - check the numbers and the personalities

Chandrayaan's historic success ignites online frenzy: Nationwide celebrations, top hashtags, and acknowledgment by influential personalities.

| Updated on: Aug 28 2023, 21:11 IST
Chandrayaan-3 Moon mission: 5 facts to know
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1/7 The Chandrayaan-3 mission was launched on July 14 from Sri Harikota, India's main spaceport in  Andhra Pradesh. From the day of its launch, Chandrayaan-3  has looped through progressively wider-ranging orbits of Earth. It then transferred to a lunar orbit and emerged as a focus of national pride. Our Moon mission become a global interest after Russia's Moon mission Luna-25  failed to land on the moon. (PTI)
Chandrayaan-3 success
2/7 The landing of  Chandrayaan-3 is aimed at the lunar south pole. Lunar south pole is a region that may have water ice or frozen water. It can be an abundant source of oxygen, fuel, and water that can be extremely important for future moon missions. (AFP)
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3/7 Chandrayaan-3 will be functional for two weeks if it lands successfully on the lunar surface. It will run various experiments which will include a spectrometer analysis of the mineral composition of the surface of the moon. (via REUTERS)
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4/7 The lander of the Chandrayaan-3 mission is about 2m tall. Its mass is said to be about  1,700 kg (3,747.86 lb) which can deploy a small 26 Kg lunar rover. (HT_PRINT)
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5/7 For the smooth landing of the  Chandrayaan-3 on the south pole of the Moon, rough terrain can be a great hurdle. However, adjustments have been made by ISRO scientists that will help Chandrayaan-3 to stick its landing. (ISRO)
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6/7 The adjustments include a system to broaden the potential landing zone and the lander has been equipped with more fuel and sturdier legs to be more effective. (REUTERS)
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7/7 If this mission becomes successful, it would make India the fourth country to successfully land on the moon, after the former USSR, the United States, and China, and India will be able to mark its emergence as a strong space power. ISRO will telecast the planned Chandrayaan-3  landing starting from 1720 IST (1150 GMT) on August 23, 2023. (ISRO twitter)
Chandrayaan-3 success
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Chandrayaan's historic success ignites online frenzy: Nationwide celebrations, top hashtags, and acknowledgment by influential personalities. (Sprinklr insights)

Sprinklr Insights has compiled a snapshot of the latest trends, conversations, and data surrounding the success of ISRO's Chandrayaan 3 mission on various social media platforms. Check out the key trends and impact:

People from all walks of life, including business, films, and sports personalities joined in the celebration of the historic ISRO accomplishment, the Chandrayaan-3 landing on the Moon. India has become the fourth country to achieve this milestone on the Moon and the very first to do so at the lunar South Pole. This extraordinary achievement has sparked immense joy among Indians across the nation.

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Regions reporting the greatest online engagement for Chandrayan 3 During the period from August 20 to August 28, 2023 in India has a substantial number of mentions originating from major metropolitan regions.

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Notably, the capital city of Delhi led the discussions with an impressive count of over 66.38 thousand mentions. Following closely, Mumbai and Bengaluru contributed significantly to the discourse with 35.74 thousand and 26.06 thousand mentions, respectively.

Trending hashtags

In terms of the most popular hashtags that encapsulated the prevailing sentiments of pride and enthusiasm across the nation, Chandrayaan-3 became the focal point of celebrations that dominated the trending charts in India. The hashtags that trended most prominently included:

1. #chandrayaan3 with a remarkable 723.05k mentions.

2. #isro with a notable 258.07k mentions.

3. #chandrayaan3landing with a substantial 159.40k mentions.

4. #indiaonthemoon with a significant 94.90k mentions.

5. #india with an appreciable 88.75k mentions.

These hashtags served as the digital rallying points for Indians to express their excitement and pride over Chandrayaan-3's successful landing, marking a historic moment in India's space exploration journey.

Tweets by prominent people

On August 23rd, a momentous occasion was marked by a series of congratulatory tweets from renowned figures, all commemorating the monumental achievement. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, actors Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan, as well as former cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, among other notable personalities, joined in celebrating this impressive lunar accomplishment. The tweets highlighted their acknowledgment of this historic day and their recognition of ISRO's success.

Celebration by popular brands

Participating in the celebratory spirit, a multitude of well-known brands utilized their social media platforms to honor India's remarkable lunar achievement. Each brand added its distinctive touch to the festivities. Netflix led the pack with an impressive 4.7K mentions, taking the forefront in

spreading the online jubilation. Zomato followed with 0.9K mentions, while Swiggy garnered 0.5K and Tinder received 0.3K mentions, all contributing to the collective enthusiasm.

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First Published Date: 28 Aug, 21:11 IST