Bored of PUBG Mobile? Here are 5 alternatives you can try

    You might love playing PUBG, but even the best of us need a break to try out something new. We have 5 alternate games you can play instead
    | Updated on: Feb 05 2020, 08:59 IST
    (Rules of Survival)
    (Rules of Survival)

    The importance of having a plan B is something that we all have been lectured about often. And before we know it, the alternatives become a part of our lives. At this point you are perhaps wondering if you have clicked on the right link. But don't worry because you did come to the right place if you are someone who's looking for an alternative to PUBG Mobile.

    But why do we need an alternative to arguably the best mobile game of all time? Well, the answer is really easy my friend, you need a plan B, everyone does. So, here are five alternatives to PUBG Mobile that you can try if you are bored of PUBG Mobile or just want a break.

    Rules of Survival

    (Rules of Survival)
    (Rules of Survival)

    This free to play battle royale game is probably the closest you'll ever get to PUBG Mobile. So much so that the game was involved in a legal spat with PUBG Corp over copyright issues.

    In the latest version, a maximum of 300 players are allowed to compete at once on an 8x8 km map and it doesn't get more exciting than this. Another slight variance comes in the form of the squad size where the game lets you team with up to four other players.

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    Rules of Survival (RoS) is considered to be better optimised for mobile phones, especially given the more readable display buttons that enhance your gaming experience. With over 280 million people playing this game worldwide, you might as well join the list.

    Black Survival

    (Black Survival)
    (Black Survival)

    The four words in the game's description are enough for anyone to get a gist of what it has to offer - Search, Craft, Attack, and Run!

    This PvP (player Vs player)game offers an entirely different experience. With over 20 unique areas to explore, each player needs to complete with up to nine others to be the last person standing. General trivia - the game consists of more than 600 weapon options, that's a ridiculous number.

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    For all those who never downloaded PUBG Mobile due to its high storage demand, Black Survival is literally your saviour. It is a 59MB game file (with an additional 300MB download) which doesn't offer an extensive gaming experience like PUBG Mobile though but is insanely fast and enthralling and the game is definitely a test for your quick decision making skills.

    Also, pro tip - remember to stack up suitable items, ingredients and weapons because they play a crucial role in deciding the winner.

    Knives Out

    (NetEase Games)
    (NetEase Games)

    This game was launched as an attempt to revive the genre of first-person action games. Based on a multiplayer battle royale format, Knives Out is another good substitute for PUBG Mobile.

    A 100 online players, an island stocked up with weapons, you probably know what you need to do next. The reason some people prefer this game over RoS is because of its storage, which roughly comes out to be around 600 MB. That's considerably good given that most battle royale games are over 1 GB.

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    The graphics are honestly a bit of a let-down though. A good gaming experience is synonymous to high quality graphics and in this case, the graphics do not add much. For some users, getting used to the game's controls has also been a major challenge.

    But everything said, the game has been a huge success in Japan with the country accounting for around 80% of the game's earnings in 2018.

    Free Fire

    (Free Fire)
    (Free Fire)

    Mini PUBG. That's one quick and appropriate way to describe this game.

    Free Fire and PUBG Mobile follow the same battle royale format but the former is a more compressed version of the same. Fifty players, one island, 10 minutes - attack is definitely the way to go in this game.

    Although PUBG Mobile has a wider collection of weapons, more vehicles, better and more realistic graphics than Free Fire, the only reason we would recommend this game is because of its quicker and easier gameplay.

    You also get to add a lot to your character's personality with some really cool and unique apparels and accessories. And just in case if you've ever hated doors (which by the way is the most weird thing to hate) this 'no door' game is definitely for you.

    Last Day on Earth

    (Last Day on Earth)
    (Last Day on Earth)

    Set in a post apocalyptic world full of zombies, this game is as insane as the idea behind it. Your survival is in your own hands in a world which is now alien to humans.

    If you ever wanted to put the phrase, 'Improvise. Adapt. Overcome', into practice, this is the ideal game for you. The zombies are out there and you need to kill as many of them till you are the last person standing.

    This game gives you the provision of constructing houses, hunting animals, crafting weapons for yourself -basically do anything and everything possible to survive. The graphic quality is slightly poor but given such an exciting setup, you should not be stressing a lot about it.

    Want to know how you'll perform in a post apocalyptic world? Go to the play store and download the game right away.

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