Solar Eclipse in October 2022: Watch partial Surya Grahan on this date; Here's when and how

Solar Eclipse 2022 date: Know when, where and how you can watch the partial solar eclipse that will happen on October 25, 2022.

| Updated on: Oct 13 2022, 17:07 IST
Solar Eclipse
Here is where and how to watch the partial solar eclipse on October 25, 2022. (Pixabay)
Solar Eclipse
Here is where and how to watch the partial solar eclipse on October 25, 2022. (Pixabay)

The month of October will give you an opportunity to watch a partial Solar Eclipse or Surya Grahan on October 25, 2022, coinciding with the festival of lights- Diwali. People in parts of Europe, The Urals and Western Siberia, central and Western Asia, among others will have a chance to witness the partial solar eclipse. It can be known that this will be the last partial Solar Eclipse of the year 2022. Prior to this, the first partial Solar Eclipse happened on April 30, 2022. Here is all you need to know about the Solar Eclipse 2022 date and more.

What is a Solar Eclipse?

A solar eclipse happens when the Moon moves between the Sun and Earth, casting a shadow on Earth, fully or partially blocking the Sun's light in some areas. During a partial eclipse, the Moon and Sun are not perfectly aligned, so the Moon does not completely cover the Sun. This gives the Sun a crescent shape, or makes it appear as if a “bite” has been taken out of the Sun, depending on how much of the Sun is covered by the Moon. While for a total solar eclipse to take place, the Sun, Moon, and Earth must be in a direct line, according to NASA.

When to watch partial Solar Eclipse in October 2022

According to a report by space. com the partial Surya Grahan will be occurring between around 5 am and 9 am EDT when around 82 percent of the Sun's disk will be covered by the Moon's shadow at the maximum point of the event, which is known as the point of central eclipse. However, from Russia, the eclipse will be 80 percent, while this proportion will drop to 70 percent in China, and 63 percent in Norway. It can be noted that the eclipse will not be visible in the US on October 25.

Solar Eclipse in October 2022: How to watch a partial eclipse safely

It is never safe to look directly at the Sun, even if the Sun is partly or mostly obscured. You need a safe solar filter in order to safely look directly at the Sun. When viewing a partial solar eclipse, you must wear solar viewing or eclipse glasses throughout the entire eclipse if you want to face the Sun. It can be noted that solar viewing or eclipse glasses are not regular sunglasses and regular sunglasses are not safe for viewing the Sun.

If you do not have solar viewing or eclipse glasses, you can use an alternate indirect method, such as a pinhole projector. You need to know that pinhole projectors should not be used to look directly at the Sun, but instead to project sunlight onto a surface.

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First Published Date: 13 Oct, 17:03 IST