This man captured a 4-Earth-sized solar flare with a telescope!

An amateur photographer did the impossible when he recorded four-Earths high solar flare on the Sun. Here’s how it became possible!

| Updated on: Aug 22 2022, 12:54 IST
Solar flares
Solar flares are the powerful eruptions of electromagnetic radiation on the Sun. (chucksastrophotography / Instagram)
Solar flares
Solar flares are the powerful eruptions of electromagnetic radiation on the Sun. (chucksastrophotography / Instagram)

NASA and its observatory channels keep updating the world about the recent solar flare eruptions that occur on the surface of the Sun along with possible glimpses. These solar flares are the powerful eruptions of electromagnetic radiation from the Sun, which can last from minutes to even hours. These sudden outbursts of electromagnetic energy travel at humongous speeds and are huge in terms of size. So, it was quite astonishing when an amateur photographer captured this solar storm from his telescope.

An astronomical photographer, Chuck Ayoub took to social media to share a video showing the clouds of solar plasma moving over a period of an hour and being held up by the Sun's magnetic field. The height of the solar flare is mentioned to be around 4 Earths high while reaching temperatures of approximately 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit (5,500° C). Also read: Chinese Zhurong rover attacked by the notorious Mars DUST: Will it DIE?

"I was not expecting this when I captured the sun. I pointed my telescope at this very unusual solar storm yesterday. An ongoing battle between the sun's changing magnetic fields has caused this plasma storm to rise and appear almost locked in place, unable to move. A structure like this might last for days,” Ayoub wrote in a post. He used the Explore Scientific AR102 telescope to detect the suspended plasma of the solar flare above the surface of the sun.

Does this recorded solar flare pose any risk to the Earth?

Solar storms are intensive eruptions of electromagnetic radiation from the surface of the Sun which occur in its active areas. Well, a solar storm can pose a threat to the Earth when directed towards it. The solar flare has to be very strong too to make an impact on Earth and that happens rarely. When such massive solar flares are hurled towards Earth, they can impact power grids, radio communications, and generate breathtaking auroras on the poles.

This solar flare captured by Chuck will fortunately not have any impact on Earth.

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First Published Date: 09 Jun, 21:28 IST