What is the purpose of Gaganyaan mission? Know all about the main objectives of ISRO

The ISRO launch is imminent and a huge number of people want to know the answer to this question: What is the purpose of Mission Gaganyaan? Well, Mission Gaganyaan aims to launch humans into space. Here are the main Gaganyaan mission objectives.

| Updated on: Oct 21 2023, 07:53 IST
Chandrayaan-4 mission: Why the mission is vital for ISRO
Gaganyaan Mission
1/5 Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency are collaborating for the next lunar mission called Lunar Polar Exploration (LUPEX) which has been dubbed as the Chandrayaan-4 mission. (JAXA)
Gaganyaan Mission
2/5 Various theories and speculations have been made about the Moon's south pole having water, however, no one has ever discovered any traces of that and JAXA and ISRO will try to unveil the same. The main goal of the mission is to find water on the lunar surface. (JAXA)
Gaganyaan Mission
3/5 As of now the mission is under development and the space agencies are trying to find the right landing sight for the lunar lander. Finding the landing sight is integral for a safe landing as well as optimal communication conditions. (JAXA)
Gaganyaan Mission
4/5 The Chandrayaan-4 discovery of water on the Moon will be a game-changer for space exploration. With detailed data on this resource, we could establish a permanent human life on the Moon and use it to fuel our journey to more distant celestial bodies. (JAXA)
Gaganyaan Mission
5/5 The Chandrayaan-4 mission is timelined to be launched in the year 2025, however, no date has been confirmed. JAXA is now working on developing the rover and ISRO is working on developing the lunar lander which will take the rover to the moon.  (ISRO)
Gaganyaan Mission
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Gaganyaan Mission purpose: Know what are the ISRO objectives through Gaganyaan mission? (ISRO)

In the wake of Chandrayaan-3's resounding success, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is poised for a monumental leap toward launching a crewed spacecraft in the highly anticipated Gaganyaan mission. Tomorrow, at 8 AM IST, the Flight Test Vehicle Abort Mission 1 (TV-D1) will embark on its journey from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota, marking a pivotal milestone in India's space exploration endeavors.But what is it all about? what is Gaganyaan Mission purpose?

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The primary Gaganyaan Mission objective of this test is to evaluate the performance of the Crew Escape System installed on the crew module. This system serves as the lifeline, ensuring the safety of astronauts by enabling their swift evacuation in case of mission being aborted due to technical glitches or malfunctions.

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The Gaganyaan Mission, an ambitious project, has been meticulously outlined by the Department of Space, underscoring the array of cutting-edge technologies developed for it, including human-rated launch vehicles and system qualification. Notably, the Gaganyaan program is slated to undergo about 20 significant tests, three of which will be unscrewed HLVM3 missions.

On October 21st, the Crew Escape System Test Vehicle will conduct its inaugural flight, symbolizing India's resolve to reach new frontiers in space exploration. This is embodied in the accomplishments of recent space missions like Chandrayaan-3, the Aditya L1 Mission and the earlier Mangalyaan mission. The Gaganyaan mission vision involves sending the first Indian astronaut to the Moon by 2040 and the establishment of the "Bharatiya Antariksha Station" (Indian Space Station) by 2035.

So, what is the exact purpose of the Gaganyaan mission?

The Gaganyaan program is a two-fold endeavor. In the short-term, it aims to demonstrate India's prowess in human spaceflight, sending astronauts to Low Earth Orbit (LEO). This mission will lay the foundation for a sustained Indian human space exploration program in the long run, solidifying the nation's position as a key player in space exploration.

As part of this program, the government of India has given the green light to two uncrewed missions and one manned mission. But why the uncrewed missions before the crewed one?

These uncrewed missions serve a crucial purpose. They are designed for technology demonstration, ensuring safety and reliability verification. Each mission will be heavily instrumented to meticulously study system performance, ironing out any issues before human astronauts take to the stars.

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First Published Date: 20 Oct, 23:05 IST