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2200-foot asteroid hurtling towards Earth tomorrow! NASA reveals monstrous space rock data

A whopping 2200-foot asteroid is set to come very close to Earth, reveals NASA. As revealed by the data from NASA, asteroid 349507 2008 QY is as big as a bridge.

Updated on: Oct 02 2023, 10:06 IST
This huge 2200-foot asteroid designated by NASA is expected to pay a close visit to Earth tomorrow, October 3. (Pixabay)
This huge 2200-foot asteroid designated by NASA is expected to pay a close visit to Earth tomorrow, October 3. (Pixabay)

Asteroids are in constant focus of most space scientists due to their potential for causing global destruction. Asteroids are space rocks that follow distinct orbits in the vastness of space. According to NASA, some of these ancient cosmic rocks pose a potential threat of colliding with Earth. Although most of them reside in the primary asteroid belt situated between the orbits of Jupiter and Mars, some of these space rocks approach Earth, with some coming within just a few hundred thousand kilometers of our planet. This proximity raises concerns about the possibility of these asteroids impacting Earth. And now, NASA has informed about a humongous asteroid that is traveling towards Earth rapidly. This is a 2200-foot asteroid that has been designated as 349507 (2008 QY).

Notably, in order to avoid any threats to Earth, NASA keeps a close eye on asteroids. It employs advanced ground and space-based instruments and observatories like NEOWISE, Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA), Pans-STARRS1, and Catalina Sky Survey to provide detailed information about the size and characteristics of these asteroids.

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Asteroid 349507 (2008 QY)

This huge asteroid is expected to pay a close visit to Earth tomorrow, October 3. As revealed by the data from NASA, asteroid 349507 (2008 QY) is as big as the size of a bridge, which is a matter of concern. This is a monstrous 2200-foot asteroid. Its closest Earth approach is expected to be 6.32 million kilometers. The relative velocity of this asteroid is estimated to be a terrifying 75457 kilometers per hour. It belongs to the Apollo family of asteroids. It was first observed on September 30, 1989. It was last seen on 13 February, this year.

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The size of asteroid 349507 (2008 QY) is a huge concern. According to NASA, an asteroid is classified as potentially hazardous if it is at least 492 feet wide. And, this asteroid is way bigger than the parameter of a potentially hazardous object. Asteroid 349507 (2008 QY) is 2200 feet wide which is quite alarming. However, on the current trajectory, it should pass by Earth without posing any danger.

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First Published Date: 02 Oct, 09:44 IST