Wordle 758 answer for July 17: Don't take it easy, but as a last resort, check these hints and clues

Wordle 758 answer for July 17: Today’s puzzle will trouble you a lot, but persevere and you will get it. Try these Wordle hints and clues as a last resort.

| Updated on: Jul 17 2023, 06:46 IST
Today’s Wordle 376 answer too difficult? Take the help of these Wordle hints and clues
1/5 Wordle
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2/5 The word has only one vowel, U. (HT Tech)
3/5 BIGGEST HINT – When Vodafone came to India, it acquired this telecom company and its iconic pug. (AFP)
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4/5 That last hint was the biggest one that you needed to guess the Wordle 376 answer correctly. But if you still haven’t figured it out, then find the Wordle 376 answer below. (HT Tech)
5/5 SPOILER ALERT: This is your last chance to not spoil today's Wordle puzzle. The Wordle Answer for June 30 is HUTCH, meaning “a box or cage, typically with a wire mesh front, for keeping rabbits or other small domesticated animal.” Keep an eye on this space for tomorrow’s Wordle hints and clues. (Divya/HT Tech)
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Wordle 758 answer for July 17: Check these Wordle hints, clues, and solution if you think you are not making any progress. (REUTERS)

Wordle 758 answer for July 17: Today's Wordle puzzle presents a tough challenge due to the presence of uncommon letters and their complex arrangement - the degree of difficulty is high. To make it even more challenging is the repetition of a letter, which may spoil most of your guesses. It is essential to use a well-thought-out strategy, but in moments of uncertainty, there is no need to panic. You just need to scroll down and check the Wordle hints and clues to enhance your chances of cracking the puzzle. The solution has been provided at the bottom.

Wordle 758 hints for July 17

It has what no Wordle puzzler wishes for – the repetition of letters and that too an uncommon one! This letter in itself might take a couple of attempts for you to find. The good part is that its letter arrangement may not haunt you, which means, once you have the letter, the rest of the task will be a piece of cake for you. To assist you, we have provided the Wordle clues below to get more information about the word.

Wordle 758 clues for July 17

  1. Today's word begins with the letter D.
  2. The word contains two vowels in it.
  3. The word ends with the letter P.
  4. One of the vowels is O.
  5. There is the repetition of a letter.

That's all! We believe these are enough to help you solve the puzzle. But if you are still confused, just scroll down to check the solution.

Wordle 758 answer for July 17

HOLD ON! Wait! Are you sure you want to know the Wordle 758 answer now or would you want to try a bit longer? This is the last opportunity for you to go back and try cracking today's Wordle answer yourself. You need to think before reading ahead as you may end up spoiling your game as the answer has been revealed down here. Still, if you want to know the answer to the Wordle 758 challenge then it is right below.

The word you've been searching for is DROOP, which means "to bend or hang down-wards, especially because of weakness or because you are tired".

Hope the puzzle didn't cause too much trouble for you. Come back again tomorrow to solve a new puzzle, more clues, and new strategies.

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First Published Date: 17 Jul, 06:46 IST
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