Apex Legends Mobile: New to the game? These tips and tricks for beginners will help you play like a Pro

Apex Legends Mobile: Learn these tips and tricks for beginners and stay one step ahead of the others.

| Updated on: Aug 22 2022, 12:24 IST
Apex Legends Mobile
Apex Legends Mobile: Has the game overwhelmed you with different gameplay modes and things to explore? Do not worry. Check these tips and tricks for beginners and learn to play like a pro. (EA)
Apex Legends Mobile
Apex Legends Mobile: Has the game overwhelmed you with different gameplay modes and things to explore? Do not worry. Check these tips and tricks for beginners and learn to play like a pro. (EA)

Apex Legends Mobile was globally released yesterday, May 17th. And ever since its launch, it has become the most talked about game among battle royale fans. The game brings a different approach to the online multiplayer battle royale formula with its character-based approach, futuristic weapons, faster gameplay and a detailed map that has something for every gamer no matter what their style is. But, the game can be a lot to take in, especially if you are not familiar with the Apex universe or have not played the PC/Console version of the game before. But do not worry. We have come here with these Apex Legend Mobile tips and tricks which will make sure your first few hours on the game are not wasted just to understand it, and you can make the most out of it. Also read: Apex Legends Mobile first impressions: Time to ditch Garena Free Fire Max, BGMI.

Apex Legends Mobile: Tips and tricks for beginners

1. Customize the controls – When you first enter the game, a part of the tutorial will focus on asking you which controls you want on the game. You get to choose between the ‘Classic' and the ‘Apex' controls. The classic control is something you are familiar with if you have played any battle royale game on mobile. The Apex controls are a more dynamic set of controls which might be a bit difficult to adjust to, but once the learning curve is over, you will find it much more efficient. We would also recommend you to play a few rounds and then tweak the controls according to your needs. We found the default controls to be a little clumped up. Changing the size of the buttons and placing them away from your directional finger will help you in close combat situations.

2. Take a trip to the firing range – While it may sound a little patronizing, it is absolutely necessary that you get a touch-and-feel for the weapons before you take them to an actual game. The reason behind it is that the mobile version of the game has considerably higher recoil than the console one. So, your aiming, especially during hip-fire, needs to be aligned with the game in order to get swift kills. Additionally, there is a lot to explore from the famous Mozambique to Charge rifle and Kraber. So, explore the weapons and be match-ready.

3. Explore the arena modes – The Arena modes are not clearly visible on the main page of the game like BGMI or Garena Free Fire Max, but that doesn't mean they aren't available. If you have been playing just the battle royale mode, try out the TDM (team deathmatch) and 3v3 arena matches. To go to the menu, just tap on the ‘battle royale' icon on the left of the ‘Play' button and then click on ‘multiplayer' to see the arena modes. This was the third in this list of Apex Legends Mobile: tricks and tips for beginners in this game.

4. Remember to complete daily and season quests – This might seem like an obvious thing for mobile battle royale players, but for those of you who are coming from the console version of Apex, it can be easy to miss out. Make sure to complete the challenges as they help you level up, get weapons and characters as well as win Syndicate Gold (the in-game currency).

5. Play with all the different characters to know your style – In our final point in the list of Apex Legends Mobile: tips and tricks for beginners, we would recommend you to do something which might come off as an antithesis to hero shooters. But, if you have no experience of playing Apex, it would be wise not to pick a character and just stick with it, but to experiment with different characters and see which style favors you the most in games. This not only helps you understand the characters better (helpful when you have to counter them in game), but also makes your playstyle more versatile.

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First Published Date: 18 May, 15:01 IST