Beware of these 5 WhatsApp scams! Avoid dangerous cyber threats this way | How-to

Beware of these 5 WhatsApp scams! Avoid dangerous cyber threats this way

Check out these top 5 WhatsApp scams and know how to avoid being a victim of cyber threats.

| Updated on: Feb 08 2024, 17:32 IST
WhatsApp scams
Beware of these 5 WhatsApp scams and know how to avoid the constantly-present cyber threats. (Pixabay)
WhatsApp scams
Beware of these 5 WhatsApp scams and know how to avoid the constantly-present cyber threats. (Pixabay)

WhatsApp is one of the most used apps in various parts of the world as it helps users stay connected with their friends and family. Now, the app is also being used for business purposes as its features have expanded over time. However, there have been several cases of WhatsApp scams that not only manipulate people but also hack their devices to commit crimes. Shockingly, WhatsApp users have now become a soft target for scammers to trick and steal their money or even blackmail them. To stay aware and avoid getting trapped in scammer's tricks, here are the top 5 WhatsApp scams that every user should know.

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Top 5 WhatsApp scams to stay away from

  1. Emergency message from friends or family: In this scam, you get a message from an unknown person who claims to be your friend or family. The person will start asking for money for some emergency. Also, some criminals are using deepfake videos and audio to trick users. To avoid such a scam, confirm the person's identity before transferring the money.
  2. QR codes: If you get any kind of QR code from an unknown number asking for a lottery or donation. Make sure to avoid such messages and do not scan any QR code instantly as think may lead you to any phishing link or URL.
  3. Organization representative scam: We often get messages from our bank representatives to open an account or apply for a credit card. In such cases, scammers pretend to be a company representative and lure you by providing various benefits. Make sure you do not share any personal information with the person especially the One Time Password (OTP).
  4. Manipulative giveaways: In this WhatsApp scam, the scammer trick into winning a giveaway and offer big prizes such as any electronic device, dark, home appliance, etc. However, to claim the price, they ask you to click on a link that exposes you to phishing or malware. Do not let your greed or inquisitiveness get the better of you. Do not interact in any way.
  5. Donation scams: In this type of WhatsApp scam, tricksters ask you for any kind of donation for a good cause, however, they lead to a phishing website. Therefore, avoid such messages and do not tap on any link. In fact, they may even lead you to what looks like a genuine website of a bank or a company, but actually, it is all fake. Avoid.

These are some of the common WhatsApp scams that people become victims of. Make sure to avoid clicking on links and confirm the user's identity before transferring money or OTP.

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First Published Date: 08 Feb, 16:42 IST