BGMI: Master the battleground with the best sniper rifles and dominate the game

Uncover the top-tier sniper rifles in BGMI, essential for long-range precision and enemy takedowns. Find the perfect rifle to dominate the battleground.

| Updated on: Nov 05 2023, 12:41 IST
Discover the top 5 sniper rifles for precision and domination in the battlegrounds. (BGMI)
Discover the top 5 sniper rifles for precision and domination in the battlegrounds. (BGMI)

In the intense battlegrounds of BGMI, having the right sniper rifle can be the difference between victory and defeat. Sniper rifles play a pivotal role in eliminating enemies from a distance without giving away your position. With numerous options available, it can be challenging to determine which sniper rifles truly stand out. We've narrowed it down to the best sniper rifles in BGMI, each with its own unique advantages.

1. AWM

The AWM, often found in airdrops, is the ultimate sniper rifle in BGMI. Its nickname, the "Arctic Warfare Magnum," is well-deserved, as it delivers a colossal 120 damage per shot, making it the most powerful single-shot weapon in the game. With its 915 m/s bullet velocity, it ensures your enemies meet their demise before they even hear the shot. While it has a limited 5-round magazine and a slower reload time, the AWM's potential for one-shot kills, especially against Level 3 helmet-wearing foes, makes it the top choice for snipers.

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2. Kar98k

The Kar98k, a classic bolt-action rifle, remains a popular pick across all BGMI maps. While it may not have the raw power to one-shot armored enemies with a headshot, it can instantly eliminate unarmored opponents with its impressive damage per hit. Skilled marksmen who consistently land headshots will find the Kar98k lethal even at longer ranges. Its bolt-action mechanism may slow down your fire rate, but its reliability and aiming speed make it a staple for snipers.

3. Mk14 EBR

The airdrop-exclusive Mk14 EBR blurs the line between assault rifle and sniper rifle. Whether you need to unleash a stream of bullets in close quarters or pick off distant foes with precise headshots, the Mk14 EBR has you covered. It boasts consistent damage per bullet and minimal recoil when properly equipped, allowing for high DPS at any range. Although it has a slightly slower initial bullet velocity compared to other snipers, the Mk14's adaptability and combination of automatic firepower and accuracy make it a valuable asset.

4. M24

The M24 sniper rifle may not match the AWM in terms of per-bullet damage, but it can still eliminate Level 2 helmet-wearing opponents with a well-placed headshot. With decent damage and a bullet velocity of 915 m/s, the M24 is a formidable choice for long-range engagements. Unlike the AWM, it can be found organically on all BGMI maps. Its 7-round magazine and relatively quick reload speed give the M24 an edge in rapid-fire sniping situations. With its availability and fire rate, the M24 combines top-tier lethality with unmatched versatility.

5. SKS

Don't underestimate the SKS DMR, often dismissed as just another semi-automatic rifle. When fully kitted out with an extended quickdraw mag, cheek pad, suppressor, and tactical stock, the SKS transforms into a versatile semi-auto powerhouse. Offering solid damage per hit and stability at medium to long ranges, the SKS can deliver rapid-fire lethality up close and precise long-range shots. Its dual-role capability as both an assault rifle and pseudo-sniper makes the SKS a valuable backup weapon for any situation.

These sniper rifles in BGMI each bring their own strengths to the battlefield. Your choice depends on your playstyle and the specific situation, so make sure to master the one that suits you best.

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First Published Date: 05 Nov, 12:41 IST