BGMI tips: The top 5 high-damage guns in Battlegrounds Mobile India

Uncover the firepower behind big victories in Battlegrounds Mobile India! Explore the top 5 high-damage guns, from the game-altering AWM to the versatile MK14, shaping the battleground dynamics. Check out these BGMI tips.

| Updated on: Nov 12 2023, 08:35 IST
BGMI tips: Discover the Top 5 High-Damage Guns in BGMI, where each firearm is a potential game-changer in the intense battlegrounds. (BGMI)
BGMI tips: Discover the Top 5 High-Damage Guns in BGMI, where each firearm is a potential game-changer in the intense battlegrounds. (BGMI)

In the relentless world of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), where survival is key, the choice of weaponry can make or break a player's fate. In this Battle Royale game, the damage output of guns often serves as the ultimate decider in intense combat situations. Therefore, to give yourself a big boost, know all about these BGMI tips that can help yu land victory after victory.

Players in BGMI can select from an array of firearms, including Bolt Action Snipers, Machine Guns (LMG, SMG), Assault Rifles (AR), Shotguns, and Pistols. Even Dedicated Marksman Rifles (DMR) find their place in the arsenal.

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The Classic match mode proves to be the ultimate test, examining a player's gun prowess across diverse combat scenarios. While personal preferences vary, many players gravitate towards weapons delivering substantial damage in the broader battlefield.

1. Artic Warfare Magnum (AWM)

Often hailed as more than just a firearm, AWM holds the power to sway the outcome of a BGMI match in mere seconds. This single-shot sniper boasts 300 Magnum bullets that cover impressive distances. The AWM stands as the sole BGMI weapon capable of knocking down an enemy donning a Level 3 helmet. Exclusive to airdrops, it carries a base damage of 105.

2. Kar 98K

With a history dating back to the Second World War, the Karabiner 98k has found its place in BGMI, particularly favored among snipers. Its widespread availability across maps has made it a popular choice. A single-shot sniper, the Kar98k can penetrate a Level 2 helmet, sporting a base damage of 79.

3. MK 14

A beast in its own right, the MK14 stands out as an airdrop exclusive weapon. Its versatility shines as it seamlessly transforms from a DMR to an AR with a simple tap. Witnessed causing havoc in both close-range and long-range engagements, it carries a base damage of 61.

4. DP 28

Originating from Russia, the DP28 is a Light Machine Gun found exclusively on Erangel and Livik Maps. Coupled with a 4x scope, a DP28 burst can swiftly eliminate distant enemies. The only drawback lies in its extended reload time.

5. MK 47 Mutant

Often underestimated in favor of ARs, the MK47 Mutant is a burst-fire weapon. The first three bullets, if hitting the mark as headshots, are sufficient to knock down an opponent. With a base damage of 49, this 7.62 mm firearm offers a capacity of 20 (30 with an extended magazine).

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First Published Date: 12 Nov, 08:34 IST