iPhone 13 tips and tricks: How to reduce the raucous iPhone 13 alarm

Waking up to a horrifyingly loud alarm on your iPhone 13 can be extremely irritating. Here are iPhone 13 tips and tricks to reduce your blaring alarm volume permanently.

| Updated on: Aug 22 2022, 11:09 IST
iPhone 13
How to adjust iPhone 13 alarm volume (HT Tech)
iPhone 13
How to adjust iPhone 13 alarm volume (HT Tech)

Does your iPhone's high alarm volume annoy or irritate you? Well, the high alarm volume in the morning can be quite unpleasant. But did you know you can finetune the iPhone 13 alarm so that you'll never hear that jarring noise. The iPhone allows users to adjust alarm volume with some simple and easy tricks. Whether it's iPhone 12 or 13 or iPhone SE 3 or iPhone 11, you can try these tricks on all Apple iPhones that support iOS 15.4. You can even change the alarm tone and select a melodious one to avoid the overly loud alarm noise.

Check out the simple and easy tricks to adjust alarm volume on iPhone 13 and other models below:

Step-by-step to adjust alarm volume on iPhone 13 and others

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Step 1:

Open your iPhone and first head to the Settings app and scroll a bit down and tap “Sounds.” If you can’t find the “Sounds” option, tap “Sounds & Haptics” instead.

Step 2:

Next, look for the “Ringer and Alerts” slider on the “Sounds” page.

Step 3:

If you want to decrease your alarm’s volume, drag the slider to the left. You can even increase the volume by dragging the slider to the right. Once you drag the slider, an alert will ring to show how it has changed.

Step 4:

Alternatively, you can control your alarm’s volume by using your iPhone’s physical volume keys. To do this, go to the “Sounds” screen, toggle on the “Change with Buttons” option.

Step 5:

Once done, this will allow you to use your volume buttons on the iPhone to change alarm volume. Also, volume-down will no longer snooze the alarm.

Step 6:

You can also change the alarm tone in the settings menu and select a more pleasant one.

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