Love your iPhone or Android phone? Here is how to maintain your smartphone, make it last

Make your iPhone or Android phone work perfectly for long years; here is how to maintain your smartphone

| Updated on: Aug 21 2022, 23:33 IST
Apple iPhone or Android phone, know how to maintain your smartphone if you don't want it to suffer from glitches. (Pixabay)
Apple iPhone or Android phone, know how to maintain your smartphone if you don't want it to suffer from glitches. (Pixabay)

Smartphones have become an integral part of human life. Their portability and connectivity are some of the reasons that make people carry these devices on their person permanently and most even sleep with it lying handy near their pillow. Smartphones have made life easy to a great extent. They're also often a reasonable investment of your money as they cost about Rs. 15000 on an average for a mid-segment handset, although an Apple iPhone price is definitely pricey, but people still buy it for various personal reasons. So, it makes both financial and personal sense to take proper care of your cell phone for its longer durability. If you want your smartphone to last longer in its perfect condition, you must maintain it.

Here are some of the ways you can maintain your iPhone or Android phone:

Get a case

Dropping your phone is one of the most common accidents that can happen anytime. This might cause physical damage like breaking of the screen or body. Hence, it will be better, if you get a case for your phone to protect it. The case not only protects your screen from shattering but it also protects your phone from absorbing moisture and being exposed to too much sunlight or dirt. You can get several phone cases in the market to choose from depending on the model of your phone.

Protect your screen through screen guard

Only getting a case is not enough to protect your phone. The screens of mobile phones are very sensitive and can be damaged due to carelessness. You can protect the screen of your phone by using a screen protector. This will keep your screen safe even if you drop it.

Streamline and update your applications

Since we use a number of applications on our smartphones, some of which are pre-installed by the manufacturer and some of them we install, the applications should be updated regularly. All these apps are updated to introduce new functionality, guard the phone against malware and security threats and cut down usage of resources. Hence, you must keep updating applications. However, remove the suspicious ones and those that you have not used recently.

Use trusted sources

Always use trusted sources like Google Play Store for Android phone and Apple App Store for iPhone or other official app stores to install apps. There are risks of malware if you download apps from any unknown sources.

Avoid water and extreme temperatures

Secure your phone from exposure to water and extreme temperatures as it may damage your phone. This applies even if the phone is waterproof. Age and phone-drops may have damaged your phone in unknown ways and you do not want to take any chances

Clear the Cache

Running several apps on your phone may leave junk files behind in the cache. Clear these files out from time to time so that your iPhone or Android phone runs properly.

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First Published Date: 18 Jan, 07:07 IST