WhatsApp tricks: Need to take a quick note? Use this Secret trick to chat with yourself

WhatsApp tricks: If you are in a rush and need to take an urgent note, you can use WhatsApp for it. Just follow the below steps to learn this secret trick to chat with yourself.

| Updated on: Aug 22 2022, 13:38 IST
WhatsApp tricks: Ever wanted to chat with yourself on WhatsApp? This sneaky trick will help you. Find out how to do it. (Pixabay)
WhatsApp tricks: Ever wanted to chat with yourself on WhatsApp? This sneaky trick will help you. Find out how to do it. (Pixabay)

WhatsApp trick: If you are among the millions of Indians who use WhatsApp actively, you are probably in the habit of opening the app multiple times throughout the day. And for convenience, you might have kept the app on the home screen at the spot where it is easiest for you to reach and open it. As such, WhatsApp has become one of the apps where users spend most of their time. So, oftentimes it is much more convenient to take a quick note on WhatsApp itself instead of a note app. And if you have sent such quick notes to your family members or close friends with the disclaimer to ignore it, then you should know that there is an easier and more efficient way to take notes on WhatsApp — by starting a WhatsApp chat with yourself. And best part, it works both on Android and iPhone. How to do it? Read on to find out.

WhatsApp trick: The convenience of chatting with yourself

Using WhatsApp is almost a muscle memory now. And since we all have built a convenient way to reach the app and start texting, it is both faster and more efficient when it comes to taking notes. From noting down phone numbers, grocery lists, to-do tasks and even important files can be shared in a single window. However, there is only one problem. The WhatsApp app does not have a self-chat option. So, you have to ask a parent or a friend to volunteer to become your note space and that can be difficult to manage if the person also chats with you.

An easy workaround for many has become to start a new group with one other person and then to remove them to have the entire group to yourself and use that space as a note-taking chat window. While it works just as intended, it requires the extra step of ensuring the person you are adding and removing from the group understands what's happening and is okay with it. But if you want to minimize the effort, there is another way to do it. And using that, you can actually start a WhatsApp chat with yourself. So try it out and forget about ever needing any other note app. Check how to do the WhatsApp trick below.

How to start a WhatsApp chat with yourself

Step 1:

Do note that you will require WhatsApp web for this as cannot be done on the app directly.

Step 2:

Log into your WhatsApp web or WhatsApp desktop app. And then on a new tab, type this link: https://wa.me//91XXXXXXXXXX. In the link, replace the Xs with your own 10-digit phone number. 

Step 3:

Hit enter. You will see the options ‘Continue to chat’ and ‘Continue to web chat’. Depending on whether you have WhatsApp Desktop or WhatsApp web choose the relevant option. 

Step 4:

Once you get to the chat window, drop a message to activate it on your phone as well. 

Step 5:

That’s it. Now you can write any note for yourself without worrying about the other person.

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First Published Date: 08 Jul, 10:01 IST