WOW! One clever question makes this man stop WhatsApp SCAM, avoid Rs. 90000 loss

This genius man avoided a WhatsApp scam after asking one clever question to stop Rs.90000 loss; read viral story

| Updated on: Aug 21 2022, 23:48 IST
WhatsApp scam
After a scammer tries to pull a WhatsApp scam, this man asked a clever question that saved him Rs. 90,000; It has become a viral story now (REUTERS)
WhatsApp scam
After a scammer tries to pull a WhatsApp scam, this man asked a clever question that saved him Rs. 90,000; It has become a viral story now (REUTERS)

This WhatsApp scam just backfired! Quite often, scammers take advantage of the trusting nature of a person. Either by impersonating a friend or loved one or by pretending to be an authority figure. They look to avoid suspicion and thereby swindle money. Nowadays, these scamsters have moved online too. In fact, WhatsApp scams have become worryingly high. However, as this viral story shows, as long as you can keep your presence of mind, a scammer will never be able to fool you out of your money. Check out what happened to Michael Griffiths, a resident of Ellesmere Port, near Liverpool, England. Griffiths was approached by a person on WhatsApp who tried to cheat him of £900 (around Rs. 90,000). But his presence of mind and one genius question saved him and made the scammer run the other way.

WhatsApp scam fail

This is the way the stepdad managed to stop WhatsApp scam - check blow by blow account. Reported first by Liverpool Echo, it began when Griffiths received a message from an unknown number and the person claimed to be his stepdaughter Sophie. She said that she lost her phone and was therefore, using another number. The stepdad, believing the message, replied saying, “Hope you find it Soph, number saved.”

After sending a few more text messages, the scammer made an attempt to ask for money. To pull off the WhatsApp scam, he said, “I want to ask a favour, I'm trying to get my banking app on this old phone but it doesn't work and stressing a bit because I have a bill to pay.” Still believing it to be the stepdaughter, Griffiths agreed and asked for bank details.

The scammer told the victim that they made a new online account to make online payments and shared the details. At this point, Griffiths began to get a little suspicious and asked if he should call the lost phone to try and locate it. The scammer, panicking at this point, replied saying that it won't work as the battery is dead.

The scammer continued with the WhatsApp scam and kept asking Griffiths to transfer the money to their account. After a few more messages, the scammer told Griffiths to transfer the money within 30 minutes. At this point, Griffiths asked the scammer one question. It turned out to be the Rs. 90000 question! He said, “what's your middle name Soph”? Taken aback, the scammer asked why he wanted to know this. To which, he replied “So I know its you Soph”.

And that was it. This message appears to have frustrated the scammer and he stopped replying or asking for money. Griffiths' stepson Jordan Parker later posted the entire conversation on social media to raise awareness towards growing cases of WhatsApp scams.

How to stop WhatsApp scam

Now, that was really a clever question that the stepdad asked! In fact, most banks work on this theory too! They ask account holders similar questions when there is doubt. These questions are those that only the bank account holder would know the answer to. For instance, Axis Bank asks you a question about the year of passing high school, your pet's name or other such private information.

So, next time you are approached by a fraudster, you can stop WhatsApp scam happening by simply asking the right question that only your family member or friend would know and no one else.

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First Published Date: 27 Jan, 20:16 IST