Have iPhone 13? Here are some AMAZING tricks to try

    Are you an iPhone 13 user? There are some amazing tricks you can try, if you haven't tried them yet. From accessing the camera within seconds to a quick way to silence your iPhone- here are 5 things you can try.
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    | Updated on: Aug 06 2022, 16:34 IST
    Here are some amazing tricks to try on your iPhone 13.
    Here are some amazing tricks to try on your iPhone 13. (Amritanshu / HT Tech)
    Here are some amazing tricks to try on your iPhone 13.
    Here are some amazing tricks to try on your iPhone 13. (Amritanshu / HT Tech)

    There are a lot of shortcuts or tricks that you can use to get things done on your smartphone. And the same goes for iPhone 13. If you have iPhone 13, using the tricks mentioned below can make your life easier and simpler. How do you access the camera on your phone? Do you unlock it and look for the camera app? There is a shortcut to access the camera on iPhone 13 in seconds. You can also get notified for calls in silent on iPhone to a lot more. Here are some of the tricks you are missing trying. Check them out.

    1. How to access the camera within seconds? Now there is no need for you to unlock your iPhone 13 to access the camera. You can see something interesting at any point of time and grabbing the same immediately on your phone without missing it is challenging. You can immediately access the camera within seconds by lifting your iPhone so that it wakes up and then swipe left from the middle and you will enter the camera.

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    2. How to quickly silence your iPhone 13? There is a switch at the top left corner of your iPhone 13. Have you used it yet? If not, then you can know that Apple calls it Ring/Silent switch. You can use this switch to make your phone silent or ring. If you are in a meeting or doing some important work where you do not want to get disturbed with the calls and notifications then you can simply turn your iPhone silent. You will have to turn that switch on the left to silent your phone. After which you will see a pop up message on your screen saying silent mode on. Similarly, you can turn it to the right to turn off the silent mode. It can be noted that by default iPhone 13 will not even vibrate when it is in silent mode. However, you can change it by going into Settings, then click on Sound and Haptics and enabling the vibrate on silent option.

    3. How to stop apps from tracking you? With almost a wide variety of apps that you can download on your phone, many of them ask for the permission to track you. This is mainly for the purpose of advertising, however, keeping your safety and privacy in concern you can disable apps from requesting you tracking permission. In order to do so you need to go to the Settings of your iPhone and then tap privacy and then tracking. Here you will see all apps that have requested to track you and whether you have allowed them or not. You will find an option at the top saying allow apps to request to track. The option is enabled by default. You need to simply disable it and the apps will stop asking to track you.

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    4. How to access flashlight? You can also use LED Flashlights when you are in dark or in case of need and that too without unlocking your iPhone. The LED flash for the camera can be accessed by simply lifting your iPhone so it wakes up. The lock screen will appear, from there you need to press and hold the flashlight button on the bottom left corner until you hear a click sound. And your handy flashlight is ready to use! You can disable it by tapping and releasing the same lock screen flashlight button when you are done.

    5. How to get notified for calls even on silent mode? If you do not want to miss calls and messages even when your iPhone is on silent, then there is a feature called LED Flash Alerts provided by Apple on iPhone 13. You can enable the feature to make the LED next to your camera flash when someone calls you. To enable the LED Flash Alerts you will have to go to settings then click on Accessibility and then tap audio visual. There you will find the option LED Flash for Alerts. All you need to do is tap on it to enable it.

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