Solar Eclipse 2024: How to click photos of the celestial event like a pro on your Android smartphone | How-to

Solar Eclipse 2024: How to click photos of the celestial event like a pro on your Android smartphone

Capture breathtaking images of the April 8 solar eclipse with your Android phone. Know how to prepare, use helpful gear, and adjust settings for stunning photos.

| Updated on: Apr 07 2024, 09:47 IST
Solar eclipse 2024: Top 5 NASA tips to capture this celestial spectacle safely
Solar Eclipse 2024
1/5 Prioritize Safety: Ensure both your eyes and camera are protected with appropriate solar filters. Never look directly at the total solar eclipse without proper eye protection. Use a solar filter for your camera lens to prevent damage. Remember to remove the filter during totality to capture the Sun's corona safely. (NASA)
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2/5 Utilize Available Equipment: Regardless of your camera type, whether a DSLR or a smartphone, focus on honing your skills and creativity. Even basic equipment can produce stunning results. If lacking specialized gear like a telephoto lens, opt for landscape shots to capture the ambiance of the changing light. (NASA)
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3/5 Equip Yourself: Additional accessories such as tripods and delayed shutter release timers can significantly improve image stability, especially in low-light conditions. A tripod ensures steady shots, while a timer reduces camera shake, resulting in sharper images. (NASA)
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4/5 Explore Diverse Perspectives: Beyond capturing the eclipse itself, seize the opportunity to document the surrounding environment. Look for unique lighting effects, shadow play, and the reactions of fellow eclipse watchers. Embrace different angles and viewpoints to add depth to your photography. (NASA)
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5/5 Master Your Gear: Familiarize yourself with your camera's settings well ahead of the total solar eclipse. Experiment with exposure and focus to adapt swiftly to changing light conditions during the eclipse. Practice adjusting settings for optimal results, particularly during the transition from partial to total eclipse phases. (NASA)
Solar Eclipse 2024
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Know how to capture stunning photos of the April 8 solar eclipse using your Android phone. (REUTERS)

Solar Eclipse 2024: Get ready for an astronomical spectacle as a total solar eclipse sweeps over North America on Monday, April 8. It's a rare event, and you will want to capture it in all its glory. Here's a quick guide on how to snap breathtaking photos using just your Android phone.

Android devices are renowned for their photography capabilities, and even flagship models like the Google Pixel 8 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra etc., can rival professional cameras with their advanced post-processing features.

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Preparing to Capture the Eclipse

Before diving into photography mode, it's essential to mentally prepare for this unique shooting opportunity. During the eclipse, lighting conditions will change rapidly as the moon moves in front of the sun, leading to moments of darkness and the appearance of a glowing ring.

Helpful Gear for Better Photos

While your phone is the primary tool, a few accessories can enhance your eclipse photography experience. Consider using solar film to protect your phone's lens and, if possible, a tripod to stabilise your shots.

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Using a Telephoto Lens

For capturing the intricate details of the eclipse, switch to your phone's telephoto lens if available. Avoid excessive zooming, aiming for a zoom level of 20-30x to maintain image quality.

Manual Mode for Precision

To ensure optimal settings for your eclipse photos, switch to manual mode on your phone's camera. Adjust ISO and shutter speed for better control over exposure, keeping in mind the bright conditions during the eclipse.

Practice Makes Perfect

Before the eclipse, practice adjusting settings in manual mode to familiarise yourself with your phone's camera controls. Experiment with different combinations of ISO and shutter speed to find the perfect balance for capturing the eclipse.

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Enjoy the Moment

Above all, remember to enjoy the celestial spectacle. Don't stress over capturing the perfect shot - just soak in the experience and share your photos with others to spread the wonder of the solar eclipse.

With these tips, you'll be well-equipped to capture stunning images of the April 8 solar eclipse using your Android phone.

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First Published Date: 07 Apr, 09:47 IST