BGMI tips: How to master long-range shooting and become a pro sniper on the battlefield | How-to

BGMI tips: How to master long-range shooting and become a pro sniper on the battlefield

Check out the BGMI tips for long range shooting to snipe like a pro player on a battlefield and win chicken dinner.

| Updated on: Dec 12 2023, 09:19 IST
Check out the BGMI tips for improving long range shooting. (BGMI)
Check out the BGMI tips for improving long range shooting. (BGMI)

Battle Royale games have become popular in recent years where gamers indulge themselves in blood and gore in the gaming arena for their pass time as well for their earnings in the esports sector. Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is one such game that has gained immense popularity in India. Even after facing a year-long ban, the game did not lose its popularity and most recently the game was awarded Best Ongoing Game in India as part of Google Play's Best of 2023 apps. Now, the game has launched the 2.9 update with new events, rewards, themes, and much more which is attracting a huge audience.

If are someone who has been wanting to learn snipping or long range shooting then we have found you the best BGMI tips to master the skill and become a pro player. Check out the tips below to master long range shooting.

BGMI tips for long range shooting

  • In BGMI, there are different types of shooting ranges, short, medium and long for which there are different weapons provided by the game. Therefore, the first thing a player should keep in mind is the choice of weapon while going for long range shooting. Make sure you have the right gun with a great damage score to win a kill.
  • For long range shooting, your gun will require a scope which can spot enemies from afar. A 6x or an 8x scope would be perfect to fight in your snipper gun and you can easily make a headshot to knock down the enemy. Also, you must also practice the placement and adjustment of the scope while shooting so you do not miss the clear shot.
  • Now, the next BGMI tip is the positing of the player to make long range shooting. For snipping, a player must place themselves in higher locations such as hills so they can spot enemies for great distances and they will get a wide area to cover. Also, make sure to hide behind a cover to hide your location. 
  • If you are improving your skills in snipping, then you must know that a snipper should change its location after every kill or shoot to not get in the eyes of the enemies. Changing locations or hiding spots is the best BGMI strategy to play like a pro player.
  • Lastly, improve your map awareness to predict the end play zone quickly. This gives a higher chance to maintain the right position throughout the game and you can swiftly make kills and win chicken dinner.

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Follow the BGMI tips mentioned above to ace long range shooting and become a pro sniper on the battlefield. Make sure to practice the skills from time to time so you learn and improve aiming skills. Note that the best sniper guns in the game are AMR, AWM, DMR, Kar98, and more.

Also, Get freebies by redeeming BGMI redeem codes. All you have to do is go to the official BGMI website, enter your character ID, paste the redemption code and claim the in-game rewards.

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First Published Date: 12 Dec, 08:28 IST