How to protect air conditioners, refrigerators and other home appliances from catching fire during summers | How-to

How to protect air conditioners, refrigerators and other home appliances from catching fire during summers

Know how to protect your appliances amidst rising heat and fire threats. Follow these simple tips to safeguard your AC, fridge, and other electronics from potential damage.

| Updated on: Jun 03 2024, 19:21 IST
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How to protect air conditioners, refrigerators and other home appliances from catching fire during summers
1/6 In the quest for a futuristic, energy-efficient home, today's smart devices pave the way for a sustainable tomorrow. While the ultimate vision may still be on the horizon, the increasing sophistication of smart home communication protocols brings us closer to that dream. (Pexels)
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2/6 Utilise Smart Plugs:  Harness the power of smart plugs to effortlessly trim your energy usage. These devices not only convert your conventional appliances into smart ones but also provide a convenient solution to remotely manage energy consumption. Whether dimming lights during holidays or shutting off forgotten devices, smart plugs offer seamless control, with some models like the Eve Energy plug even monitoring energy usage for informed decisions. (Pexels)
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3/6 Employ Smart Sensors: Embrace the efficiency of smart sensors to revolutionise your energy management. Whether activating devices on room entry or regulating air quality with automated fans and purifiers, smart sensors offer versatile solutions. With a plethora of sensor options compatible with various smart home ecosystems, addressing concerns such as water wastage with devices like the Moen Flo smart water leak detector is within reach. (Pexels)
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4/6 Switch to Smart Bulbs and Lights: Illuminate your home intelligently with smart lights and bulbs, enabling direct control via your smartphone or smart speaker. While offering convenience, it's essential to note their constant power consumption akin to standby devices. (Pexels)
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5/6 Invest in Smart Appliances: Unlock the potential of energy-conscious smart appliances, despite the initial investment. Brands like Samsung offer a range of innovative features alongside high energy efficiency, from recipe-assisting fridges to display-laden washing machines, promising significant long-term gains. (Pexels)
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6/6 Regulate with Smart Thermostats: Though more complex to install, smart thermostats offer substantial energy savings. With remote control capabilities, they enable efficient heating and cooling management, potentially reducing wasted energy by up to 8%. This translates to significant cost savings and enhanced comfort, particularly for those with fluctuating schedules or extended absences from home. (Pexels)
How to protect air conditioners, refrigerators and other home appliances from catching fire during summers
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Know essential tips to protect your appliances from heat damage during summer's scorching temperatures. (Pixabay)

As temperatures soar across India, breaking records in major cities like Chennai and Delhi NCR, the risk of fires caused by household appliances has become significantly higher. A recent air conditioner explosion in Noida and fires in Pallikaranai marshland and Meenambakkam railway station underscore the risks posed by extreme heat to household appliances. The soaring mercury poses a significant risk to appliances like air conditioners, refrigerators and other appliances, which struggle to regulate temperatures in extreme conditions. High ambient temperatures, coupled with increased electricity usage during heatwaves, can trigger power surges, damaging internal circuits and potentially leading to fires.  

In light of these events, it's crucial to adopt preventive measures to protect appliances from potential damage. Here are some tips and measures to protect your appliances from such incidents. 

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Causes of Appliance Damage During Extreme Heat

1. High Ambient Temperatures: Extreme heat can cause appliances to overheat, leading to component failures. Regular maintenance, including cleaning filters and vents, is essential to ensure proper airflow and cooling.

2. Power Surges: Heatwaves often lead to increased electricity usage and subsequent power surges, damaging internal circuits. Using surge protectors can safeguard appliances, especially sensitive electronics like computers and televisions.

3. Reduced Efficiency: Hot weather forces appliances to work harder, reducing their efficiency and lifespan. Placing appliances in well-ventilated areas away from direct sunlight helps maintain optimal operating temperatures.

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Tips to Protect Appliances from Extreme Heat:

  • Smartphones, Laptops, and Tablets: Limit usage when outdoors, remove cases if the device overheats, and store them in cool places during travel. Switching to low-power mode conserves battery and prevents overheating.
  • Refrigerators and Freezers: Ensure tight door seals, clean coils regularly, and maintain adequate spacing for ventilation.
  • Air Conditioners: Replace or clean filters regularly, check coolant levels, and shade the external unit to prevent overheating.
  • Washing Machines and Dryers: Ensure proper ventilation, clean lint filters and exhaust vents, and avoid overloading to prevent motor strain.
  • Electronics: Unplug during peak heat to prevent damage from power surges, and use cooling pads to dissipate heat from laptops and other devices.

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By following these preventive measures and tips, you can protect your appliances from extreme heat and reduce the risk of fire incidents during the scorching summer months.

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