Want to know your smartphone charging speed? Ampere app can help you do so, know how | How-to

Want to know your smartphone charging speed? Ampere app can help you do so, know how

Ampere is an app that measures the charging speed and discharging current of smartphones, providing information on battery health and power consumption. Know how to use it.

| Updated on: Jan 02 2024, 18:50 IST
How to conserve smartphone battery life: Check top 5 tips to save battery and maximize usage
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1/5 Optimise Brightness - Adjusting your screen brightness can help conserve battery life. Experts recommend keeping it between 65% and 70%, but find the level that's comfortable for your eyes. To make adjustments, simply swipe down from the top right corner of your home screen to access the brightness slider. Tweak it to your preference. (Unsplash)
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2/5 Temperature Management - Extreme temperatures can significantly impact your smartphone’s battery capacity. Try to keep your phone at an ambient temperature between 16°C to 22°C (62°F to 72°F). Avoid exposing your device to temperatures exceeding 35°C (95°F), as it can permanently damage battery capacity. (Unsplash)
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3/5 Optimal Storage Conditions - If you plan to store your device for an extended period, ensure it's around 50% charged. Avoid storing it fully charged or fully discharged, as both extremes can impact battery health. If storing for over six months, charge to 50% every six months. (Unsplash)
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4/5 Screen brightness and Wi-Fi usage - Adjusting screen brightness and utilizing Wi-Fi instead of cellular networks can significantly preserve battery life. Dim the screen using Control Centre and activate Auto-Brightness in Settings. When you use your iPhone to access data, a Wi‑Fi connection uses less power than a cellular network, therefore, use Wi‑Fi at all times. (Unsplash)
Ampere app
5/5 Charging accessories - It is advisable to only use the charging adapter and cable that is supplied with your smartphone. If it is damaged, then purchase one that is recommended by the manufacturer, as a third-party charger can permanently damage your smartphone battery. (Unsplash)
Ampere app
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Know how to use Ampere app and check your smartphone’s charging speed. (Ampere/Google Play Store)

The battery life is one of the most crucial aspects of any smartphone. The faster it charges and longer it lasts, the better user experience it can provide. This has been the case for years and isn't likely to change. What has changed in the last few years is the charging speed. Today, a decent smartphone can get juiced up from 0-100 percent in about an hour, a feat that previously took multiple hours to achieve. This improvement has come courtesy of developments in battery charging technology. While most smartphones about a decade ago offered 5W or 10W charging, there's one today, called Realme GT5, that can get charged from 0-100 percent in a matter of just 12 minutes!

Want to know your smartphone charging speed? There's an app for it - Ampere app.

Ampere app: What is it?

Developed by Brain_trapp, Ampere is an app that measures the charging speed of your smartphone, as well as its discharging current. Measuring the electrical flow of the battery can help you get to know the general health of the device's battery, watch your device's power consumption, and find power-hungry apps. Ampere states that while the readings from the app aren't concrete science, it is a good enough relative measure of how various chargers and USB cables fare on the same device.

Ampere app: Features

The Ampere app lets users check the charging and discharging current of the smartphone.  If your phone is not connected to a charger, you see the discharging current which is negative. If you connect a charger then the current that the charger gives will be used to supply your phone and the remaining power will be charged into the battery.

The app is free to use, although a paid version of it also exists. The ‘Pro' version of Ampere gives you access to additional features including Widgets, notifications, alerts on device, and alerts on Android Wear.

How to use Ampere

1. Open the Ampere app on your smartphone and let it run. It will start measuring automatically.

2. After a few seconds, the results will be displayed on your screen.

3. The app will show information about the device's battery including charge level, health, status, technology, maximum capacity, temperature, voltage, and more.

4. Unfortunately, the Ampere app shows results in mA (milliampere). You can convert it into Watts, and check against your charging brick to see if you're getting an optimal performance out of your smartphone's battery.

Considering that smartphones have become the single-most important device in almost everyone's life for professional and private purposes, the need to have it on all the time is critical. No one can afford to have it die on them for even a brief time. To ensure that does not happen, the requirement for an app like Ampere is high. And, what is more, it comes absolutely free, even though you can very well get a paid version too and that will have even more standout options to offer that you may well find very useful.

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First Published Date: 02 Jan, 18:49 IST