Waiting for iPhone 16 Pro? Good news! It will get this massive new feature

iPhone 15 Pro Max is the only iPhone this year to get the new tetraprism lens, which has resulted in long waiting periods for the device. A new report claims that iPhone 16 Pro will likely get it next year.

| Updated on: Sep 21 2023, 14:53 IST
iPhone 15 done and dusted, check what is likely coming in iPhone 16
iPhone 15 Pro Max
1/11 Exciting rumors surround the iPhone 16 already - solid-state buttons, larger displays, under-display Face ID, Wi-Fi 7, and the potential for a port-less iPhone 16 Ultra model.   (Apple)
iPhone 15 Pro Max
2/11 1. Dynamic Island Standard: Building on the iPhone 14 Pro models, Dynamic Island is now a standard feature across all iPhone 15 models, enhancing user interactions and multitasking capabilities.  (Apple)
iPhone 15 Pro Max
3/11 2. USB Type-C Port: Apple has bid farewell to its proprietary lightning connector, opting for a USB Type-C port in the iPhone 15 series, aligning with industry standards for charging and connectivity.  (Apple)
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4/11 3. Action Button and Titanium Frame: Notable design changes include the introduction of the action button and a titanium frame, enhancing both aesthetics and durability. (Apple)
iPhone 15 Pro Max
5/11 4. Periscope Camera: The iPhone 15 series introduces a periscope camera, likely improving zoom capabilities and overall photography experiences. (Apple)
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6/11 Now, let's delve into the rumored upgrades expected in the iPhone 16: 1. Solid-State Buttons: While the iPhone 15 series retained physical volume buttons, it's rumored that the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max models will introduce haptic solid-state buttons, replacing the physical volume buttons for a sleeker design. (Apple)
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7/11  2. Bigger Displays: Apple analyst Ross Young has claimed that even bigger iPhones will come next year. Apple may continue its trend of larger displays, with the iPhone 16 Pro featuring a 6.3-inch screen and the iPhone 16 Pro Max boasting a massive 6.9-inch display.  (Apple)
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8/11 3. Under-Display Face ID: Apple is considering incorporating under-display Face ID technology, eliminating the need for a notch or visible sensors for a cleaner, full-screen design, possibly arriving in 2024. Notably, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says Apple may introduce a full-screen iPhone in 2024.   (Apple)
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9/11 4. Wi-Fi 7: The iPhone 16 Pro models might feature Wi-Fi 7 technology, offering faster data transmission across 2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 6GHz bands, with speeds of up to 40 Gbps, promising improved connectivity performance.  (Apple)
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10/11 5. Port-Less iPhone 16 Ultra: There's speculation that the iPhone 16 Ultra may eliminate the USB Type-C port entirely, further simplifying the design. Additionally, this model might feature a faster processor and enhanced camera capabilities.  (Apple)
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11/11 6. Potential New iPhone Lineup: Some reports suggest that the iPhone 16 Ultra could be a completely new addition to the lineup, distinct from the existing four models, offering unique features and capabilities. (Apple)
iPhone 15 Pro Max
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iPhone 15 Pro Max features a new tetraprism lens that offers up to 5X optical zoom and the same may well come to the iPhone 16 Pro. (Apple)

For months, it was rumored that the new iPhone 15 Pro Max would feature a telephoto lens with 5X zoom. It was one feature that the Samsung flagships had, but the iPhone didn't. So, when Apple took to the stage at its Wonderlust event to unveil its newest iPhone 15 series, the announcement of a new tetraprism lens on the iPhone 15 Pro Max was a welcome move. However, Apple has limited this new lens to only the top-end iPhone this year, which has resulted in huge demand for the device, and it has been sold out till November in nearly all countries.

But things could change next year as Apple could bring the tetraprism lens to another one of its iPhones - the iPhone 16 Pro too.

iPhone 16 Pro - Camera upgrade coming?

The new iPhone 15 Pro Max gets a 120mm tetraprism lens with 5X capability. According to Apple, the new tetraprism design of the telephoto lens combines Optical Image Stabilization with Apple's 3D Autofocus Sensor Shift to create its most advanced stabilization system yet. Users can now switch between three different focal lengths - 24 mm, 28 mm, and 35 mm, and the camera system now captures 48MP HEIF images with 4x more resolution.

Not sure which
mobile to buy?

Due to this groundbreaking feature, the iPhone 15 Pro Max has been facing delays, and it is sold out in nearly every location until November. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, in a post on Medium, revealed that the new tetraprism compact camera module (CCM), which is exclusively made by LGIT, has bottlenecked the supply of the iPhone 15 Pro Max. To counter this, Apple has “urgently increased the specifications of the tetraprism lens exclusively supplied by Largan to address the CCM yield issues caused by assembly tolerances”.

However, this has had a downside too as the unit cost of the lens has increased by more than 20 percent, boosting profits for Largan.

Kuo also claimed that both the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max are set to get the tetraprism lens next year, with Apple and Largan working together to improve the yield. The report also mentioned that Largan is likely to stay as the exclusive or the primary supplier of the CCM.

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First Published Date: 21 Sep, 14:53 IST