Click Pictures of the Supermoon 2022 like a Pro with just your smartphone using these amazing tips

    The Supermoon 2022 can now be seen in the night sky. If you want to take impressive images of it but do not have a professional camera, don’t worry, just check these tips which will help you take great pictures just by using your smartphone.

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    | Updated on: Aug 22 2022, 13:52 IST
    Want to take pictures of the Supermoon 2022 but all you have is your smartphone? Worry not. Use these tips to take professional quality photos. (Pixabay)
    Want to take pictures of the Supermoon 2022 but all you have is your smartphone? Worry not. Use these tips to take professional quality photos. (Pixabay)

    The biggest supermoon of 2022 has started appearing in the night sky. The Supermoon appearance was scheduled for July 13 and will continue till the early morning of July 15. Supermoon is a cosmic phenomenon when the Moon comes closest to the Earth on a full Moon night giving the appearance of it being much larger than usual. This is a great opportunity to not only watch this beautiful sight but also to take images to remember it by. And if you lack astronomy instruments or a professional camera to take photos of supermoon 2022, do not worry. You can still take stunning images of the Moon using just your smartphone. Don't believe us? Just use these top 5 smartphone tips to take pictures of the Supermoon and find out for yourself.

    Avoid areas with 'light' pollution

    This is one of the most important rules to follow if you want to click any good image of the Supermoon 2022. Never try to take pictures while in the middle of a city because the surrounding lights will dim out the night sky and the Moon will not be as clear as you want it. Ideally, you should go somewhere without a lot of electric lights, vehicles and other sources of light pollution.

    Long exposure shots

    Open the pro mode or the manual mode of your camera and increase the exposure of the image. While this will increase the time taken to take the image, the final image will be very rich and the Moon will shine brighter than you could have imagined. Make sure you don't shake the camera even a little bit though.

    Use this trick with burst mode

    Another cool trick is to use the burst mode. Take multiple images using burst modes. Then, separately take some images at varying higher exposure. Now you can just merge all these photos together using an editing software to get an image which has more depth and better light distribution.

    HDR can give you the extra boost

    The dynamic range of the photo is important in night shots. So, make sure to enable the HDR to get a bright image of the moon. You can use HDR in either pro mode or automatic mode.

    Optical zoom can be your savior

    If your smartphone has optical zoom, make sure to use it. However, do not use digital zoom or it can blur the entire shot. The optical zoom can help you make the Moon appear closer, hence improving its visibility.

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