Top 5 Wordle alternatives available for free

Wordle, which was totally unknown till recently, has climbed the popularity charts to become some sort of a daily routine for everyone. What we see these days are the shared screenshots of green, yellow and gray coloured boxes on social media, representing the words and scores of their performance on Wordle. And people are loving it! However, since there is just one game to be played in a day, many are left searching for Wordle alternatives. Well, worry not, we have you covered. And, what is more, you can play them for free. Exciting? Check the Wordle alternatives- Absurdle, Quordle, Nerdle, Wordle Cup and Lordle of the Rings.

| Updated on: Feb 25 2022, 21:30 IST
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First Published Date: 25 Feb, 21:30 IST
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