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New smartphones shift focus to India's app economy
When Xiaomi, called the Apple of China, launches its Redmi 4G phone in India at a price of R 9,999, you have to pause and take note.
Apple faces smartwatch ambush
From fashionable alert machines to Android gear and service-driven fitness trackers, a host of wrist-worn gizmos are ready to take on the expected Apple Watch when it lands in India.
Apple has a smart watch, but not much time to conquer the world
Apple's latest launch of the large-screen iPhone6, the Apple Watch and the Apple Money service as a mobile payment device fail the first definition -- but could well succeed on the second count. Here's how.
Cloud brings affordable luxury to computing
HT takes a look at VMWorld, the annual jamboree on cloud computing in San Francisco championed by cloud software leader VMWare.
WhatsApp buyout will tighten Facebook's grip on India
Facebook's $19 billion purchase of WhatsApp is strategic for a number of reasons — and India, the world's next big hot market, could be the hottest of them all. Facebook buys WhatsApp: Zuckerberg explains why | Poll: Will WhatsApp remain popular after Facebook buyout?
5 tips to control digital fatigue
Some weeks ago, when I was speaking to a group of young professionals on digital media issues, one of them asked: How do you keep up with so much news?
Smartphones are the new detergents
With the Android operating system designed to proliferate the handset and the tablet as a generic than as a brand, the industry is “commoditised” to a point where if you take out the newest patented features, an inspired manufacturer can go far in giving the average consumer good value for money.
The two sides of Facebook intimacy
Facebook has 1.2 billion users worldwide, growing at 20% a year. Facebook’s vice-president for Asia-Pacific says the company can target each individual while behaving like a huge media company. “We are onto one-on-one marketing at scale,” he says.
How social media will tell on elections
Last week, a study suggested that as many as 160 Lok Sabha constituencies could be called “high impact” in terms of the extent to which Facebook could influence Indian elections in 2014.writes N Madhavan.
Cool tech needs comfort factor
In this annual showcase for gee-whiz stuff, two things are expected to be conspicuous: one, the presence of machines that show the "Internet of Things"- a reference to how devices can now be networked with microchips and Internet connections; and two, the absence of Microsoft, which like Apple, thinks CES is no longer cool, writes N Madhavan.

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