Nikhil Hemrajani

The point-and-shoot cameras are back! And will stay
It’s been a well-known con for a while now that more megapixels on your mobile camera do not imply better image quality.
Make your own pinboard
As yet another social networking site, picks up on the popularity charts, here’s what active users on multiple platforms have to say about it
End of a saga
In this third and final game in the Mass Effect series, you must unite worlds and stop a race of machines bent on executing its 50,000-year extermination cycle
Windows goes metro
The latest ‘consumer preview’ prototype of the Windows 8 operating system is free to download and sports the biggest visual changes since Windows 95
Panasonic’s Lumix GF3 for casual users
Panasonic’s GF3 camera is great for casual photographers.
Blackberry Torch 9860 good for multimedia addicts
Research In Motion (RIM), the Canada-based company that owns BlackBerry (BB), seems to be taking the proverb ‘once bitten, twice shy’ rather seriously. Its previous series of touchscreen phones, the Storm 1 and 2, did badly in the market and have been they’re discontinued altogether.
New AI-toting iPhone is here
Apple’s fifth-generation iPhone, called the 4S (S stands for speed, by the looks of it) is finally upon us. The successor to iPhone 4, the 4S, looks just like the former device, but sports better innards and camera.
Simplified: Social makeover of Facebook
A couple of days ago, Facebook pulled out its biggest ace. Has Facebook’s latest redesign left you dazed and confused? We break it down for you.
BenQ W1200: Paints a clear picture
Till a year ago, full HD televisions would cost a lakh, and home theatre projectors, at least twice as much. Now, you can have 40-inch TVs for half a lakh, so it makes sense for projectors to become more affordable too.
Mac OS X Lion: Big cat ahoy
Codenamed Lion, the newest operating system for the Mac takes design and functionality cues from the iPad. Lion is currently only available on Apple’s App Store for an upgrade price of 1,330 approximately.

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