Rs. 999 JioBharat phone launched with Internet! 6 power points

Reliance Jio has launched its latest phone, the JioBharat phone priced at Rs. 999, with absolutely no hype preceding it. Who is it for, its USP, its impact and more - know it all here.

| Updated on: Jul 03 2023, 22:48 IST
Reliance Jio launches JioBharat V2 4G priced at just 999; it has internet too! Check out the photos
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1/6 The new JioBharat V2 4G phone has emerged as the new phone for the masses. For less than Rs. 1000 it will even provide internet access. It is the phone with the lowest Net-enabled entry price. (ANI)
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2/6 It will go under beta testing for the first 1 million Jio Bharat phones starting on July 7, ANI reported. (ANI)
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3/6 The new JioBharat V2 4G smartphone comes with affordable internet services with basic recharge plans starting at Rs. 23 for 28 days, offering unlimited voice calls and 14 GB data, an ANI report added. (Jio)
4/6 Other operators typically offer a basic plan priced at Rs. 179 for 28 days with voice calls and 2GB of data. Jio claims that their basic plan is not only 30% cheaper but also provides 7 times more data compared to feature phone offerings from other operators. (Jio)
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5/6 Additionally, Jio offers annual plans for the feature phone, costing Rs. 1234 for 12 months, which includes unlimited calls and 168 GB of data. (ANI)
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6/6 Some other features of the new JioBharat phone include a 1.77-inch TFT display, 0.3MP camera, 1000mAh battery, SD card support up to 128GB, and 3.5mm headphone jack for audio. (Jio)
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What has grabbed the attention about the JioBharat phone is that it is cheap at Rs. 999 and even then it is Internet-enabled. (ANI)

Reliance Jio has launched its latest phone with absolutely no hype preceding it. In fact, it was as plain and unassuming a launch as it could get. However, what has grabbed attention about the phone is that it is cheap at Rs. 999 ($12), and it is internet-enabled. Yes, you can even stream videos on it! The size is that of a feature phone, but it will immediately move hundreds of millions of people who have no Internet access into the sphere of 4G. The market segment is huge with the number most being bandied about being in the region of over 250 million.

With strong rival Bharti Airtel managing to hold its own against the onslaught of Jio over the last few years, and Vodafone's decline continuing, this phone has the potential to really give the Akash Ambani led company a lead that may last. The jury of course is still out on that, but with the power of Reliance Industries to blow wind into the sails of Jio, the chances of it slowing down are slim.

So, having said that, what does the JioBharat phone bring to the table and for whom? We turned to Utsav Techie, tech creator on YouTube, for some clarity on the issue. Here are 6 power points he made that should lift the fog around the phone a little:

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1. On JioBharat:

"This is a feature phone meant for 2G users who are still on old feature phones. This is not for a regular (smart)phone buyer. For those who cannot afford a smartphone and want to upgrade from an old basic feature phone, it serves as a good option." Utsav said

"Demographic includes tier 3, tier 4, and rural cities, and even old people who just want a basic phone," he said and added, "It could be a good option for them," Utsav said.

2. What it means for the buyer

"So, essentially, it is like an upgrade over the old Jio Phone launched back in 2017," he clarified.

3. On its USP:

“The main USP is the price point. And it also has 4G connectivity and UPI," he said.

4. On its app strategy:

"Since Jio is pushing its apps, it remains uncertain whether popular apps like WhatsApp and Facebook will be available or not," he averred.

5. On its market impact:

“I don't think it will bump the sales as it is actually an affordable 4G phone,” Utsav said. 

6. On pricing of smartphones 

"It also looks like the pricing of proper smartphones is not going to come down, and with 5G on the horizon, the pricing will be even higher for future phones," Utsav concluded.

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First Published Date: 03 Jul, 22:16 IST
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