BGMI: Easy tips to outsmart opponents and claim the chicken dinner

Step confidently in the world of BGMI with these simple tips! Master the map, aim like a pro, grab the right loot, use cover wisely, and move swiftly to outplay opponents effortlessly.

| Updated on: Nov 11 2023, 14:35 IST
Battlegrounds Mobile India
BGMI tips: Know essential strategies to outplay opponents and secure wins in Battlegrounds Mobile India. (Battlegrounds Mobile India)
Battlegrounds Mobile India
BGMI tips: Know essential strategies to outplay opponents and secure wins in Battlegrounds Mobile India. (Battlegrounds Mobile India)

Playing Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) can be a real thrill with intense battles one after the other. But to come out on top, you need some clever tricks up your sleeve. Let's explore some easy tips to help you outplay your opponents and breeze through those victories.

How to Shine in BGMI

To be a standout player in BGMI, you've got to keep a few things in mind. Understanding the map, knowing when to fight and when to back off, and having sharp aim are key factors that can give you an edge over your rivals.

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Here are some tips to outplay your opponents in BGMI

1. Master the Map

Knowing your way around the map is crucial. Understanding the different landscapes helps you move strategically and surprise your foes. Keep track of important spots, the best routes, and where the safe zones are to execute your plans smoothly.

2. Aim for Success

Practice makes perfect, especially when it comes to aiming. Regular aim training, especially with long-range weapons like M416 and Scar-L, can significantly improve your precision. This is essential for winning battles, especially those at a distance.

3. Grab the Right Loot

Having the right gear is crucial for outplaying opponents. Make sure you're stocked up on throwables like Frag Grenades and Molotov Cocktails to control the situation. Smoke Grenades can be a lifesaver, providing cover to surprise enemies or make a quick escape.

4. Use Your Cover

Take advantage of the various cover options available in the game. Whether it's buildings, compounds, or rocks, use them strategically to catch your enemies off guard. Surprise attacks from cover can turn the tide in your favor.

5. Move Swiftly

Quick movement is key, especially in close-range fights. Learn techniques like side-by-side jiggle movements, which can be a game-changer in battles up close. Practice these skills, and you'll dominate in close-quarters combat, especially in Team DeathMatch (TDM) mode.

By keeping these simple tips in mind, you'll be well on your way to becoming a BGMI champion. So, gear up, practice, and get ready to outplay your opponents with ease.

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First Published Date: 11 Nov, 14:35 IST