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Here is what you can expect from PUBG Mobile in 2020

PUBG Mobile is expected to enter its 11th season in the upcoming year. The new season is likely to include new skins and new weapons among other things.

Here is what you can expect from PUBG in the upcoming year
Here is what you can expect from PUBG in the upcoming year (PUBG)

It seems that the season 10 of the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile or PUBG will end soon as the company releases season 11 of the game. This comes after PUBG Mobile tipster Mr. Ghost Gaming posted a video on YouTube that contained several leaks from the upcoming 0.16.5 update.

From the looks of it, the update majorly focuses on cosmetic changes and new skins, apart from bringing in a few functional upgrades.

If the leaker is to be believed, the Team Deathmatch Mode will get a refreshed loadout menu, wherein players will be able to set their loadout before entering the game. Players will also be able to choose the weapons and utilities that they wish to carry into the rounds.

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A major part of the video talked about the skins and outfits that will probably be included in the new update. An Ace tier reward too is likely to be introduced with a parachute and a new MK-14 weapon skin.

Another update which may be introduced will be a feature to download contents of modes that a player intends to play. A gamer can choose the mode they want to play and simply download it. If introduced, this particular feature will be useful for those who have little memory space and data in their devices. The feature, in general, will also make the app lighter. A new Winter Mode area will also be added in Erangel near Georgopol.


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As of now, PUBG has not given any official statement regarding the new update nor has it released any information about the new season. However, the brand in its official blog post revealed, "PUBG esports is expanding and reloading for 2020 with the introduction of the PUBG Global Series (PGS)."

It added that the PGS will widen PUBG's fanbase with an "improved competitive structure", increased revenue sharing with teams and more opportunity for third-party tournament organizers.

The company in its blog post also revealed that four PUBG Global Series will be held in the year 2020. These events will take place in the months of April, July, October and November, with each event featuring up to 32 teams.

"The final event of 2020 is the PUBG Global Championship, with the first three events all serving as both major live events unto themselves and qualification tournaments for the PUBG Global Championship," the blog post said.

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