PUBG Mobile Holi 2020 Bundle available at 10 UC till March 14

PUBG Mobile’s in-game Holi events are available for a few more hours but its Holi 2020 Bundle can be purchased till March 14.

PUBG Mobile Holi 2020 Bundle is available till March 14.
PUBG Mobile Holi 2020 Bundle is available till March 14. (PUBG Mobile)

Holi may be over but there's one way to still celebrate it, on PUBG Mobile at least. There's still one more day to take part in Holi's in-game events. PUBG Mobile also has the Holi 2020 Bundle which is available till March 14.

There are three Holi in-game events available in PUBG Mobile. 'Colourful Party' lets users collect Gulal from the matches. Playing one match gets users one gulal but playing more matches increases the number of gulal. Two matches equals to three gulal and 3 matches equals to five gulal.

Players can then redeem the gulal and get rewards in return. Redeeming 8 gulal will give players tropical beach shorts. 20 gulal will give the player a summertime Hawaiian shirt or summertime crop top.

The other event is called 'Happy Moment' and this one gives users a chance to win rewards based on the time they spend in PUBG Mobile. For example, spending ten minutes gets users the Parachute Trail (Green) X2.

There are Holi costumes as which users can purchase by spending UC. Holi cap costs 60 UC, Holi shoes costs 180 UC and for 300 UC players can get a Holi top. A cheaper offering is the Holi 2020 Bundle which is available at 10 UC. With the Holi Bundle, players get 8 UC, Classic Crate Coupon Scrap and 5 Silver Fragments. Also, players who purchase the Holi Bundle five times will get one guaranteed permanent items from nine available options. The Holid Bundle will be available in PUBG Mobile till March 14.