PUBG Mobile Lite: The top loot spots in Varenga

To bring you that much closer to the chicken dinner on PUBG Mobile Lite here are the top spots you can loot from in Varenga.
| Updated on Mar 19 2020, 06:09 PM IST
Load it up right to win in Varenga
Load it up right to win in Varenga (PUBG Mobile)

On PUBG Mobile Lite, Varenga is a greenscape that is dotted with small outcroppings of buildings. It is lined with thick foliage and the grass terrain is perfect for both close combat and assault ambush.

With 60 players battling it out in a rapidly-shrinking safe zone, you need to play fast and smart. For starters, it is vital to load the right type of weapons as soon as you land.

So where are you most likely to find high value loot in Varenga? Read on to find out.


This is one of the most popular loot spots in Veranga. This massive, square-shaped building attracts a lot of hot droppers since it is located right in the middle of the map. It offers a good range of guns, health kits and consumables. One usually finds this place full of A SMGs, and sniper rifles such as the Kar98. You can also expect to stumble upon enhancements such as suppressors and high-grade scopes such as the 6x at the stadium.

The central positioning of the stadium almost always puts it at a landing distance of an airdrop. No wonder this place turns into a mini-war zone with rogue players turning up to take down looters.

Stadium is one of the most popular loot spots in Veranga.
Stadium is one of the most popular loot spots in Veranga. (PUBG Mobile)

Pilot Plaza

The pilot plaza is one of the largest areas in Varenga. With three huge buildings on its premises, it is probably the most popular spot on this map after the stadium.

The fastest way to load up here is to grab a gun by landing on the rooftop and then swiftly move from building to building to avoid detection. The risk factor in this location is very high since it offers the most consistent amount of high quality, military-grade loot.

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With the dense amount of available loot, one can quickly load up with level 3 gear and body armour, plentiful scopes and attachments, medical items and assault rifles.


Located on the West side of the map, the factory is a single, unusual power plant structure with some outhouses around it. The very top floor often has sniper equipment and level 3 gear too. While the loot available here is great, it may normally suffice for one or two players only. One usually finds this place strewn with popular Asuch as the M416, AKM, or the M762 as well.

A rooftop landing is most recommended for this spot as it gives you a good chance to spot an enemy. One gets the first-mover advantage to take down an opponent who may be busy hunting for the perfect loot at any of the lower levels of the building.

Factory is located on the West side of the map.
Factory is located on the West side of the map. (PUBG Mobile)


Located on the eastern side of the map, this is an excellent spot to loot. Comprising a single large warehouse, and peppered with three big sheds on the side, this place is usually rich in quantity as well as the quality of guns.

From shotguns and SMGs, to Aand marksman/sniper rifles, one can pick a powerful combination of weapons at the warehouse. It also offers a lot of attachments, accessories and enhancements.

Dotted around with houses nearby, it is a great option to break out to. However, one needs to be wary of enemies swooping in from any corner.

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First Published Date: 19 Mar, 06:09 PM IST
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