Amazon adds Hindi support for Alexa on Fire TV

You can now use Alexa in Hindi on your Fire TV device. Here is how it works.

Hindi support for Alexa on Fire TV rolls our for Indian users
Hindi support for Alexa on Fire TV rolls our for Indian users (Reuters Photo)

Amazon on Thursday announced users can now converse with Alexa in Hindi on their Fire TV devices. Available starting today, customers who choose Hindi as their device language will also see Fire TV rows and menus in Hindi. The Hindi language experience features support for local information and hundreds of skills, among others.

How to switch to Hindi on Fire TV

Users can get started with Hindi through their Alexa Voice Remote by navigating to the Fire TV language settings by clicking Settings -> Device Options -> Device Language. New Fire TV users can select Hindi while setting up their device right out of the box.

What can you do in Hindi

You can give commands such as

“दस सेकंड आगे जाओ."

"Netflix चलाओ.”

"'Comicstaan' ढूंढो."

You can also use Alexa in Hindi for music, knowledge, personality, smart home, timers and alarms, weather, news, local search, hundreds of skills. Some of the commands you can give are:

नए हिंदी गाने चलाओ”

"भारत के प्रधान मंत्री कौन हैं?"

"Bangalore का मौसम दिखाओ"

Routines come to Fire TV in India

Apart from Hindi support, Amazon has announced the expansion of Alexa Routines on Fire TV devices in India starting today.

Using the Alexa app, users can set up Routines selecting actions such as powering their TV on or off, opening a specific app, playing specific content, and pausing or resuming content, in addition to other actions on their Alexa-enabled and smart home devices, such as turning on the light or changing the AC temperature, said the company.

“Customers can also create a Routine so that when they say “Alexa, time for bed,” Alexa will turn off their TV and begin dimming their smart lights. These are just a few examples of Routines you can now create,” said Amazon in its release.

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