Apple Watch saves this man's life and he goes 'What?'

Apple Watch played the saviour's role perfectly to ensure emergency medical aid was rushed to this unconscious man.

| Updated on: Aug 21 2022, 18:32 IST
So, the Apple Watch saved yet another life. Read on to know the story!
So, the Apple Watch saved yet another life. Read on to know the story! (Apple)
So, the Apple Watch saved yet another life. Read on to know the story!
So, the Apple Watch saved yet another life. Read on to know the story! (Apple)

Here is yet another feel-good story in which a man's life is saved by, no, not his good friend the dog, but the next best thing to that in this digitally-dependent world - a watch. To be precise, an Apple Watch. This was courtesy of a feature called the Fall Detector in the Apple Watch that instantly springs into action when the user is incapacitated in some manner and does not respond to its prodding. Yes, the watch does try to alert you physically in order to prompt a response. In case it does not get any response out of you, it immediately starts calling emergency services or family members to alert them about your condition providing basic data about your condition.

Now, all of this sounds like so much jargon, but when it came to a real emergency involving a 78-year old man, it all started making sense and yes, there was a fairy tale ending too.

How Apple Watch Reacted

It so transpired that Mike Yager, of Summerfield, was in his driveway when he took a nasty tumble and blacked out. There was no one there to help him either. However, his Apple Watch recognised the situation and sounded an alarm after first tapping him and waiting for his response. However, Mike did not respond and the Apple Watch took the next step in the process - it called 911 and asked for medical aid for the unresponsive man. Not just that it also helpfully sent the location concerned to make it easier for the emergency team to find Mike. This was reported by North Carolina's Fox8 News. In the end, the Summerfield Fire Department, North Carolina, reached him well in time to save him.

Surprise Response!

After the emergency team finally managed to revive Mike, he expressed his surprise at their being there. He said, "How did you guys find me here?" The team then revealed that it was his Apple Watch that had sent an emergency call allowing medical help to be rushed to where he lay unconscious. Mike revealed that all he could say was "What?" Clearly, even he had no clue what Apple Watch could do, even though he was wearing one.

It is no surprise that Mike now says, "I am so in love with Apple Watch"

Partner For Life

In her comments, after finding out that the Apple Watch had sent the emergency call, Mike's wife said she was left "Speechless". She added that taking Apple Watch off was no longer an option for Mike. She said, "It is waterproof, he can wear it in the shower too."

Worth it?

Mike himself called the watch pricey, but at the same time insisted that it is "well worth it, if you are over 65." Surely, that qualifies as more than your money's worth.

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First Published Date: 02 Jul, 11:52 IST