Awesome! Apple Watch Series 7 averts horrific trekking tragedy

    Apple Watch Series 7 came to the rescue of a 17-years old in India who slipped and fell down a gorge while on a trek. Know how the Apple Watch saved his life.
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    | Updated on: Nov 17 2022, 13:30 IST
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    After a teen fell into a deep gorge while on a trek, the Apple Watch Series 7 saved his life. (Representative Photo)

    Apple Watches have been saving lives of people all over the world and this time it had a starring role in averting a horrific tragedy in India. Examples abound. Notably, just a few months ago, the Apple Watch 8 had saved the life of a woman by detecting signs of a heart attack. Before that, it saved a drowning cyclist by sending alerts to authorities and emergency contacts. And now, it has saved the life of a teen who slipped and fell into a deep gorge during a trek. When the boy had lost all hope of ever surviving this ordeal, it was the Apple Watch Series 7, which came to his rescue. Read on to know how the Apple Watch Series 7 saved a life.

    According to a report by India Today, Smit Nilesh Mehta, a 17-years old Maharashtra-resident went on a trek at the Visapur fort near Lonavala along with his friends. It was during this trek when he accidentally fell down a gorge. But instead of what could have been a horror story, the boy was miraculously saved through the marvel of modern technology.

    “I think I'm alive because of the Cellular Apple Watch model I own. That let me connect with my family and friends at the right time, without the need for a phone,” Mehta told India Today Tech.

    Apple Watch Series 7 saves the life of a teen

    The incident took place on July 11, 2022 when Mehta went for the trek along with three of his friends. While trekking up went great, things took a turn for the worse on the way back as Mehta slipped on the wet ground and fell headlong into the gorge.

    According to Mehta, he fell around 150 meters. Thankfully, it was not a steep drop and the sloping nature of the drop prevented him from suffering life-threatening injuries. But as the gorge was lined with trees and rocks, his friends soon lost track of him. The same rocks also helped Mehta as his fall was broken when he hit one of them it stopped him from rolling further. But it was far from an ideal situation for him. He was stuck in foliage and both of his ankles were dislocated.

    While he was still conscious, he realized that he couldn't use his smartphone to call for rescue. During the trek, the friends were carrying a single bag and they decided to keep all the smartphones into that one bag which wasn't with Mehta. But luckily, he saw that his Apple Watch Series 7, which had cellular connectivity, was still connected to Reliance Jio network. He immediately called his friends and family. The Apple Watch with cellular connectivity lets users use the call feature even without the mobile phone.

    His friends and family quickly reached out to authorities who started a rescue operation and picked him up from the slope where he was stuck. He was taken to the hospital to treat his injuries and conduct surgery for his broken ankles.

    On November 10, Mehta decided to send an email to Tim Cook himself to tell him how the Apple Watch saved his life. To his surprise, Cook replied and said, “I am so glad you are on the road to recovery..Thanks so much for sharing your story with us”.

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    First Published Date: 17 Nov, 12:48 IST
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