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This AC buying tip will keep your electricity bill very low this summer

If you're frustrated by the prospect of high electricity bills that an air conditioner (AC) generates during summer, then here is a tip to save power and the process starts even before you purchase it.

| Updated on: Jun 15 2023, 16:16 IST
Do all solar activities like solar storms, CME, impact Earth? This is what NASA says
1/5 Sun is a source of energy and a lot of activities keep on happening on the fireball. But can Earth be impacted by solar activities? Before we tell you that, it is important to know what solar activity is? According to NASA, solar flares, coronal mass ejections, high-speed solar wind, and solar energetic particles are all forms of solar activity. All solar activity is driven by the solar magnetic field. (NASA)
2/5 Solar flares impact Earth only when they occur on the side of the sun facing Earth. Because flares are made of photons, they travel out directly from the flare site, so if we can see the flare, we can be impacted by it. (Pixabay)
3/5 Coronal mass ejections, also called CMEs, are large clouds of plasma and magnetic field that erupt from the sun. These clouds can erupt in any direction, and then continue on in that direction, plowing right through the solar wind. Only when the cloud is aimed at Earth will the CME hit Earth and therefore cause impacts. (NASA)
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4/5 High-speed solar wind streams come from areas on the sun known as coronal holes. These holes can form anywhere on the sun and usually, only when they are closer to the solar equator, do the winds they produce impact Earth. (NASA)
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5/5 Solar energetic particles are high-energy charged particles, primarily thought to be released by shocks formed at the front of coronal mass ejections and solar flares. When a CME cloud plows through the solar wind, high velocity solar energetic particles can be produced and because they are charged, they must follow the magnetic field lines that pervade the space between the Sun and the Earth. Therefore, only the charged particles that follow magnetic field lines that intersect the Earth will result in impacts. (NASA)
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AC buying tip that will ensure your AC bill never goes too high. (Pexels)

When it gets really hot in June, many people buy and start using their air conditioners (AC) to stay cool. But using an AC can make your electricity bill skyrocket. So, the first step is to buy an AC that does not use too much power. Yes, it's important to choose an air conditioner that uses less electricity. Here is an AC buying tip that will ensure your AC bill never goes too high.

Understanding Star Ratings

In India, when you buy appliances like ACs or refrigerators, you'll see star ratings from one star to five stars. These ratings tell you how much electricity the product uses. It's important to know that fewer stars don't mean less power consumption. Actually, ACs with fewer stars use more power. Try to get as close to 5 stars as possible.

Reducing Power Consumption

If you want to know how much power an air conditioner uses, remember that a 2-star AC uses more power than a 5-star AC. Even though a 1-star AC might seem cheaper at first, it will make your electricity bill go up a lot. On the other hand, a 5-star AC might cost more initially, but it uses less electricity, which means you save more money in the long run.

The Benefits of a 5-Star AC

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) says that a 5-star AC can save about 20 to 22 percent more electricity compared to a 1-star AC. For example, if your 1-star AC uses 200 units of electricity per month, a 5-star AC will only use around 160 units. If the average electricity rate is Rs. 8 per unit, the 5-star AC will save you about Rs. 320 per month.

In short, by buying a 5-star AC, you can stay cool and save money on your electricity bill year-on-year. Remember, it's better to think about long-term savings instead of just the upfront cost or any special offers.


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First Published Date: 15 Jun, 15:40 IST