Google Pixel 6a is better than iPhone SE 3rd Gen and we tell you WHY not to bite the Apple

    Google Pixel 6a in India and most markets is priced to take on the Apple iPhone SE 3rd Gen. We tell you why you should go #TeamPixel.
    | Updated on: Jul 23 2022, 17:53 IST
    Google Pixel 6a
    Google Pixel 6a takes on the Apple iPhone SE 3rd Gen in India. This is why it beats the iPhone. (Google)
    Google Pixel 6a
    Google Pixel 6a takes on the Apple iPhone SE 3rd Gen in India. This is why it beats the iPhone. (Google)

    With the Google Pixel 6a taking on the Apple iPhone SE 3rd Gen, the obvious question that comes to the mind is – should you now go #TeamPixel or just “bite the Apple”? For just over Rs. 40,000, both these phones represent a very different kind of idea to the consumers – a complete focus on the user experience, with everything else taking a backseat. The Pixel 6a is more modern in the way it does that while the iPhone SE 3 takes the retro way to do so. But one is obviously better and the headline must have given it away already.

    We had reviewed the iPhone SE 3rd Generation a few months ago and we had mixed reaction to it. It was almost as good as you expect a modern smartphone to be but at the same time, it was also too outdated in many ways. Hence, the iPhone SE 3 was and still is not an easy recommendation for many people. The Google Pixel 6a, however, does not have as many caveats and is an easy pick, We give you reasons as to why you should pick it over the iPhone SE.

    Pixel 6a is better than iPhone SE 3: Here is why
    Google Pixel 6a
    Google Pixel 6a  (Google)
    Google Pixel 6a
    Google Pixel 6a  (Google)


    The single biggest and crucial reason to choose the Pixel 6a is its display! The Pixel 6a gets you a big 6.1-inch bright and vivid OLED display, albeit with 60Hz of refresh rate. That is much superior to the iPhone SE's puny 4.7-inch LCD display. To be honest, a phone needs to have a great display these days and Pixel 6a wins here by some margin.


    The iPhone SE 3 with its retro iPhone 8 design looks cute but is simply no match for the bright and cheerful Pixel 6a. Despite having a plastic back, the Pixel 6a is well built and uses bright and vibrant colours to liven up the mood. From the front, its edge-to-edge design looks modern and fresh, beating the iPhone's fat bezels. Seriously, Apple could have used a modern design on the iPhone SE 3.


    Pixels have always dominated the camera sections and the Pixel 6a does it again. It has got a 12MP wide and 12MP ultra-wide camera setup on the back, which gets Google's brilliant software tricks and a superb Night mode. The iPhone SE 3 has only a single 12MP camera and it misses out on something as basic as a night mode! Shutterbugs will be clearly happy with the Pixel 6a.

    Battery Life

    With its larger 4410 mAh battery, the Pixel 6a also been found to outdo the iPhone SE 3's battery life figures.

    It has got USB-C!

    Yes, even though the Pixel 6a does not get the charger in the box, it is easy to charge it up with your old Android phone's charger, thanks to the universal USB-C port. Since this only supports up to 18W charging, you should be happy with any Fast Charge capable charging set.


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    First Published Date: 23 Jul, 17:53 IST
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