SHOCKING! Woman orders iPhone 13 Pro Max, gets hand soap bottle instead

    In a shocking case, a UK woman has received a bottle of hand soap instead of the £1,500 iPhone 13 Pro Max she had paid for. Needless to say, she is frothing angry.

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    | Updated on: Feb 07 2022, 08:32 IST
    iPhone 13 Pro Max
    A woman in the UK ordered an iPhone 13 Pro Max but what she received was hand soap. (
    iPhone 13 Pro Max
    A woman in the UK ordered an iPhone 13 Pro Max but what she received was hand soap. (

    What will you do if you order something very expensive from an ecommerce website and you end up getting a very different, and extremely cheap, product? There are several instances where people have purchased some product while they received something else packed in the box. And recently a similar incident has happened with a woman in the UK. The woman ordered a new iPhone 13 Pro Max priced at £1,500 and what she received was a hand soap. Shocking right! iPhone 13 Pro Max price is the highest in the iPhone 13 series.

    The woman named Khaoula Lafhaily, aged 32, had ordered the iPhone at her North London home on January 24 from Sky Mobile, according to a report by The Sun. She paid £150 upfront and signed a 36 month contract which cost her a hefty £1,521 for the iPhone 13 Pro Max. But, when she got the package delivered after two days, she was shocked to find a bottle of soap in the box instead.

    The iPhone 13 Pro Max was purchased by Lafhaily on January 24 and was supposed to be delivered to her the very next day. But this too didn't happen. She was contacted by the driver to inform her that he was "stuck in traffic."

    As per the information provided by Khaoula, according to The Sun, the driver reached her on January 26, but did not hand her the iPhone and took a picture of the front door and left. It was only after three days of her placing the order when the delivery person dropped off the package and that too a wrong one.

    On January 27, she finally received the delivery, but when she opened the package a refill bottle of blue hand soap was found instead of the iPhone 13 Pro Max. The woman said that she called Sky Mobile immediately after receiving the package and claimed that the carrier launched an investigation on the same. But to her disappointment again, Lafhaily said it's been a week and she has not been contacted by the carrier.

    The Sun quoted Khaoula saying, "We live in a first-floor flat, so have to watch out the window when we get deliveries otherwise they get delivered to the wrong flat. We saw the driver pull up to our house, take a photo from outside the house, then leave. But the driver told us that he came to the door, knocked and no one was there so he would return the next day but we were watching at the window - it was a complete lie!"

    "A different delivery driver came on Thursday, my husband went down to collect the parcel at 8.50am, which we opened at around midday because I was asleep - and it was a bottle of hand soap. Can you imagine? I was in complete shock and really need the phone. It's definitely been stolen - it's awful," she added.

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    First Published Date: 07 Feb, 08:32 IST
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