Kul Bhushan

    The six-day long sale will begin on October 16 and it will go on until October 21.
    Breaking down Flipkart’s preparations for BBD 2020
    Did you know Flipkart starts preparing for the next year’s BBD sale right after the current one concludes? We talk to Flipkart’s Aditya Soni to break down the preparations for this year’s Big Billion Days sale.
    MG says level-1 autonomous tech acts as a driver assistant
    Take a look at top smart features of MG Gloster
    MG Gloster SUV has launched in India at an introductory starting price of 28.98 lakh. Take a look at the top smart features of what MG calls its first 'Autonomous Level-1’ premium SUV
    India will soon host a virtual summit on AI
    India is working on compute facilities to power AI framework
    Can India be the next AI superpower? What are the challenges and opportunities? NeGD CEO Abhishek Singh sheds light on these topics ahead of India’s mega summit on AI. 
    Flipkart users are also signing up for value-added services.
    Exclusive: Demand for budget phones grows in India, reveals Flipkart data
    The biggest share of demand for these affordable smartphones has come from Uttar Pradesh, followed by Bihar and West Bengal. Over 70% of total demand is from tier 2+ regions and beyond. Cities such as Gorakhpur, Raipur, Siwan, Deoria, Hisar, Medinipur and Azamgarh feature on this list.
    How fantasy gaming works
    MPL CEO Sai Srinivas talks fantasy gaming, regulations, and lots more
    Fantasy gaming is becoming increasingly popular in India, especially after the IPL kicked off. But we do not really know much about this space, how it works? And is it gambling? Watch Hindustan Times’ Kul Bhushan talk to Mobile Premier League co-founder and CEO Sai Srinivas on fantasy gaming, need for regulations, and lots more.
    Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus review
    Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus review: A value-for-money premium Android tablet
    Planning to buy Samsung Galaxy Tab S7? Here is how our experience has been with the latest Android tablet.
    IDEMIA is also leveraging cutting edge solutions to further develop augmented reality solutions.
    Augmented identity could be need of the hour as the world goes contactless
    Touch-based biometrics may soon become a thing of past. Technology companies are coming up with solutions that are contactless and at the same time ensuring maximum privacy of users. 
    India is likely to get more affected by cyber security related incidents compared to Singapore and Australia.
    Blockchain may not be the answer to cyber security perils
    Blockchain is widely considered to be an effective solution to growing cyber security challenges. Does it really help? Can an open-source platform be the alternate solution? Ethical hacker Noam Rotem explains the possible challenges.
    The platform today clocks over 160 monthly active users. Moj, the newly launched short video format by ShareChat, has over 80 million active users. 
    In conversation with Debdoot Mukherjee, the AI man at ShareChat
    Everyone wants a pie of India’s booming digital space. There has been an increased focus on developing solutions that are hyperlocal. Debdoot Mukherjee, Vice President- AI, ShareChat, explains how the startup used AI to win this game.
    Samsung Galaxy M21
    Galaxy M sale to go past 20 million units by Dec 2020: Samsung
    Galaxy M series has turned out to be a big success story for Samsung which had been looking to regain its dominance in the budget segment. Here is a brief report card on Samsung’s budget smartphone series.

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