Smartphone photography during Holi 2021: Tips to take better pictures

Not all of us know the tricks to click good images. So, here are some tips before you go out there and try take some really good images.

| Updated on: Mar 29 2021, 10:00 IST
Representational image.
Representational image. (Unsplash)
Representational image.
Representational image. (Unsplash)

Since Holi is the festival of colours, one is bound to whip out a camera and click some really incredible, colour-filled shots. However, what's the next best thing after DSLR these days - a smartphone camera. We have all kinds of handsets these days that click images using new features, imaging process and AI. However, not all of us know the tricks to click good images. So, here are some tips before you go out there and try take some really good images.

Mostly use the regular wide-angle primary lens

This is the best one since it captures the most light while giving you the fast shutter speed. What matters here is that make sure you capture the action while it happens. Even if you aren't able to get the sharpest of images and people in your shot are blurry since they were moving at the time you shot it, make sure your composition is good and you capture the essence.

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Don't shy away from cropping

No matter if you are using a 108-megapixel camera, 64-megapixel camera, 48-megapixel or even a 12-megapixel camera, it is ok to crop images and let the viewer see exactly what you want them to be. If you think cropping the image will result in missing out the details, crop it to the minimum level where it doesn't lose details and frame it in a way that brings the eyes of the viewer on that section of the image.

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Get the lighting right

This is one of the most important factors if you want to click bright images with fast shutter speed. Mostly during daylight, it won't be an issue. However, clicking images in shadows or in any kind of inadequate lighting conditions, may result in your smartphone camera taking more time to click, which might result in blurry images.

Don't use AI or HDR until unless required

We suggest this since in some smartphones these get implemented while you are clicking a shot and takes a few extra milliseconds more to work on the scene and colours to give you the best shot. And since most of your shots will be of moving subjects, these elements might increase the shutter time, resulting in a blurry shot.

Use burst mode if possible

But to use the burst mode, you need to make sure you have a good amount of light since the smartphone cameras can take only a limited amount of light when clicking in burst mode, one after another, within seconds. This feature gives you the flexibility to choose from different frames and use the best one.

It's ok to use Portrait mode shots

Since it is Holi, some good portrait shots, showing faces filled with colour are expected. You can use the portrait mode to click these. But once again, good lighting is required. However, make sure the light doesn't fall flat on the face, you can change the angle of clicking so the ‘drama' is visible. Portrait shots might take more time to click but in case you don't want to waste time, you can use the primary camera and zoom-in by 2x or 3x max to get the same result. It depends on your handset's camera capabilities though.

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Leave the ‘Pro' mode to Pros only

These days, almost all the smartphones feature a ‘Pro' mode where you can control each element of the shot including the exposure, ISO, shutter, aperture and White balance. If you are a professional and know how to easily go about with it, you are free to use it since at times it can give you better results than auto mode. However, if you don't want to adjust these settings after each shot, the AI-enabled Auto-mode works the best.

Reduce the megapixel count if you want to

It is not always necessary to click images in 108-megapixel or 64-megapixel or even 48-megapixel modes. These often don;t give you enough flexibility to zoom or get the best composition, while taking more space. You can't even change the frame size as most of these are limited to only 4:3. It is ok to click images in less megapixels while getting the aspect ratio and other elements right.

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First Published Date: 29 Mar, 10:00 IST