Why does Apple launch a new iPhone every year? CEO Tim Cook reveals reason

Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed why the company launches a new iPhone series every year during an interview on climate change. He also answered what Apple is doing for the environment.

| Updated on: Oct 10 2023, 09:02 IST
Tim Cook
Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple answered the reason behind launching a new iPhone every year, and highlighted how the company is managing its environment-focused initiatives. (Bloomberg)
Tim Cook
Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple answered the reason behind launching a new iPhone every year, and highlighted how the company is managing its environment-focused initiatives. (Bloomberg)

In the last few years, an important part of all the Apple events has been a highlight of what the company has been doing towards reaching its target of making its entire product lineup carbon-neutral by 2030. This year, Apple claimed it reached a part of the way there by making a subset of the Apple Watch Series 9 carbon-neutral. However, some people have also raised a question about whether there is a need to launch a new iPhone every year, considering the climate change issue. Apple CEO Tim Cook was also asked the same question recently in an interview and he explained how he views the situation.

The interview was conducted by Brut, who was part of the press team invited to the Apple data center and solar power facility in Denmark to take a look at how the company runs its recycling and carbon-neutral ventures. During this press visit, Cook was asked the big question of why a new iPhone every year. He responded, “I think having an iPhone every year for those people that want it is a great thing. And what we do is we allow people to trade in their phones. And so we then resell that phone if it's still working. And if it's not working, we've got ways of disassembling it and taking the materials to make a new iPhone out of”.

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Tim Cook explains what he does for the environment

In the interview, the Apple CEO also had to face a few hard-hitting questions such as the gimmicky nature of the term ‘carbon-neutral' and how the European Union is planning to ban the term, and the problem of greenwashing, where an organization spends a lot of time in marketing itself as an environmentally conscious entity and spreads a false impression or misleading information about impact of its initiatives.

On Carbon neutrality, Cook said, “I'd invite anybody to look at how we're defining it on our website because what we are doing is doing the hard work to lower our footprint dramatically. And then whatever is leftover after doing all these actions, we offset with high-quality offsets like managed forests and managed grasslands that pull carbon from the atmosphere.

On greenwashing, he said, “Greenwashing is reprehensible. If you look at what we are doing, we are doing all the work and then saying what we are doing. The fact that there's a 30 percent recycled material on the Apple Watch is a proof point. The fact that we took down air transportation dramatically to sea transportation, is an action”.

The Apple CEO even highlighted how he tries to lower the carbon footprint in his personal life by making environment-conscious choices. He said, “I do drive an electric car. I try to avoid plastics and plastic bottles. I recycle. I compost. All of these things I try to do, everything I do, I try my best to do something that has a lower carbon footprint”.

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First Published Date: 10 Oct, 08:58 IST