Samsung introduces two mind-blowing smartphone privacy innovations [SPONSORED]

Feel tensed or nervous when someone asks to see your phone? Not anymore. Quick Switch and Intelligent Content Suggestions are here to protect your privacy.

Both Quick Switch and Content Suggestions help you live the Alt Z Life to the fullest — a life where your private content is accessible only to you.
Both Quick Switch and Content Suggestions help you live the Alt Z Life to the fullest — a life where your private content is accessible only to you. (Samsung)

There’s only one multi-purpose tool that millennials and Gen Z use—and that’s the smartphone. From texting friends to enabling team work to taking online classes, everything’s possible with the right smartphone by your side.

But when it comes to protecting the privacy of our smartphones, we are often at a loss. That’s because in Indian culture, people are used to living in close quarters. Relatives and family members overhearing conversations and peering into our screens aren’t unusual sights. In fact, for a lot of us, privacy is unthinkable.

So how are you to keep your smartphone to yourself?

Samsung has shown the way by introducing two path-breaking privacy innovations. Called Quick Switch and Intelligent Content Suggestion, these features help keep your anxiety about privacy at bay. Both are available on the best-selling Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71.

Quick Switch is as simple as the name sounds. A double click of the power button is all you need to activate it. It’ll switch from private to public versions of the gallery, browser, and your favourite apps such as WhatsApp and more. 

Here’s how this feature can save you from multiple situations.


- Gallery: You’ve just come back from a vacation and have gone straight to the office. You’re showing your colleague all the best bits from your trip to the hills. Suddenly, your boss walks in. Some of the photos are meant only for you and your friends. Just double click the power button and you’re good to go.

See how Quick Switch comes to the rescue of Radhika Madan from her boss.

- Chat: You’re planning a surprise day out with your boyfriend on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. You message your friend on WhatsApp, asking for suggestions. She gives you some, and you immediately like one of them. In that excitement, you don’t notice that your boyfriend, who you were hanging out with, is standing right next to you. In any moment, he’ll look into your phone and find out about your intentions. Don’t panic! Simply switch from the private to the public version of WhatsApp by double-clicking the power button. 

Watch how Quick Switch feature saves the day for Radhika Madan.

- Browser: You’re browsing for a birthday gift for your sister. You don’t want her to see what it is until it arrives at the doorstep. Before she can peer into your screen, switch to the public version of the browser, and she won’t have a clue as to what mischievous behaviour you’re up to.

Watch how Quick Switch feature helps Radhika Madan keep her surprise alive.

Intelligent Content Suggestions, on the other hand, is an ‘On Device AI’ feature that ensures complete privacy on the Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71. 

The on-device AI-powered engine automatically suggests photos that can be moved from the public to the private gallery. The user just has to select faces and other images that they want to tag as private. 

After this set-up, the AI engine kicks in and identifies relevant images to be safely tucked away. 

Learn how to activate these awesome privacy features on your Samsung Galaxy A51 & A71 smartphones.

Heard about the Alt Z Life yet?

Both Quick Switch and Content Suggestion help you live the Alt Z Life to the fullest — a life where your private content is accessible only to you. It’s stress-free, fun, and rewarding.

The Alt Z life is where you do not have to worry about privacy, when you’re at home or on the metro. It’s about the freedom to take photos, chat nonstop on WhatsApp, and scroll through your Instagram feed—all while enjoying complete privacy. The Galaxy A51 and A71 guarantee you all this, and more.

Go out and get yourself a Samsung Galaxy A51 or Galaxy A71 smartphone and never look back!